Scripps’ Chief Digital Officer Adam Symson Refuses To Be ‘In the Business of Churn’

NEW YORK, July 15, 2013 (via AdExchanger) – As SVP and chief digital officer for The E.W. Scripps Company, Adam Symson oversees the development of media and advertising products and services in more than 20 markets. His main focus is to enhance the company’s marketing and media product development through Web, mobile and connected TV platforms.

What is your view on “productizing” mobility to utilize all of your various channels? Scripps has developed a number of apps, not the least of which includes the Storm Shield Weather app that delivers voice or push-notifications by using location and local TV networks.

Symson: We sort of think that (mobility) is the first point of entry and, essentially, one of our most critical businesses or product areas…I love that you used the word  ‘mobility,’ not mobile, because we look at mobile as a state of being and not necessarily as a platform anymore. But everytime we do anything, we build a business plan for it. And that business plan takes into account a variety of things. Chief among them is the efficacy for the advertiser, if they’re going to use ad-based solutions to monetize the product, but also what we call the financial conversion of the product… Read More >

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