Essential skills and traits of chief AI officers

“Along with that high-level understanding, a successful CAIO should possess technical expertise to pair with strategic vision and the ability to collaborate effectively across disciplines and teams, says David Mathison, CEO of the Chief AI Officer Summit, CDO Summit, and CDO Club.”

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As Federal Hiring Deadline Looms, Chief AI Officers Are in Demand. Here’s Where to Find Yours

“Mathison began tracking the CAIO job title in 2021, researching and evaluating LinkedIn profiles in-depth. In 2020, there were some 250 results, and the numbers have been arcing upward ever since, to about 400 (2021), 500 (2022), 600 (2023), and 999 as of this week.”

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1 Effect of the AI Revolution: The Number of Chief AI Officers Has Tripled

“The newspaper quotes David Mathison, an entrepreneur who’s founder and CEO of the world’s first Chief AI Officer Summit, saying the job needs a person with a “deep understanding of AI tech, machine learning, data science, and analytics.” It is, after all, a highly technical role that involves some truly cutting-edge tech–along with a grasp […]

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The Rise of the Chief AI Officer

“The role requires a ‘deep understanding of AI tech, machine learning, data science and analytics,’ says David Mathison, who founded the first Chief AI Officer Summit last year. Yet candidates also ‘need to understand legal’ and change management well; many come from leadership roles in data, risk management and compliance.”

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Chief AI Officer: A necessity for companies or an expensive impediment?

“They are impossible to find, but they are indispensable as we shift from digital transformation to exponential transformation,” said David Mathison, chair and CEO of the CAIO Summit, which was held for the first time last year in Boston.

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