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Why Us?

Want to connect with C-level digital/data decision makers? Look no further!

The CDO Club (founded in 2011) and CDO Summit (2013) can help you connect with the increasingly influential C-level decision-makers in digital, data, strategy, and innovation:

  • The CDO Club is the world’s first and largest C-suite community of Chief Digital, Chief Data, CISOs, and Chief Analytics Officers.
  • The CDO Summit has a 7-year history of convening bespoke events, in intimate settings designed for networking.
  • Our social profiles include 45,000+ Twitter followers @BeTheMedia & @CDOSummit, 30,000 LinkedIn connections, and 1 million+ cumulative views on YouTube.

Taken together, our platform can help you reach this coveted, C-level demographic both online and off, from targeted campaigns to our CDO Club members via our website, blog posts, social media, and email list; to intimate roundtables, meals, and CDO Summits, where you can meet these executives face-to-face.

Find out more below, or go directly to our Rate Card for sponsorship options.



Media And Analyst Coverage

We are one of the LEADING SOURCES for the press and analysts on CDOs, digital transformation, and data-driven culture. We have been quoted by American Banker, CIO .com, CIO Journal, CIO-UK, CMS Wire, CNBC, Computer Weekly, Computerworld, Deloitte, Diginomica, EdTech Magazine, eMarketer, FedTech Magazine, FierceCIO, Financial Times, Forbes, Guardian, Huffington Post, I-CIO, McKinsey & Company, Media Post, MIT Sloan Management Review, VentureBeat, Wall Street Journal, and ZDNet, among others.

See select articles below, and all press mentions in our Media Room.




CDO Club: Our Members

Our members include C-suite executives who are responsible for digital transformation and/or data-driven culture at some of the world’s most prestigious organizations. 

You do not have to be a “CDO” to join. Registered members include Chief Digital Officers, Chief Data Officers, Chief Data Scientists, Chief Analytics Officers, CIOs, CTOs, Chief Marketing Technology Officers, CMOs, CHROs, CISOs, Chief Strategy Officers, Chief Innovation Officers, Presidents, CEOs, and Board Directors/Non-Executive Directors.

Members receive access to breaking news, original research, career development support, networking opportunities, and inspirational events to help them succeed in navigating today’s rapidly evolving, highly complex and competitive digital environment.

One of our most popular features is the monthly CDO Jobs Update for Chief Digital Officers and Chief Data Officers.

See all CDO Club membership benefits here.

Teddy Goff: Digital Director, President Barack Obama’s 2008 & 2012 campaigns
Rachel S. Haot: US CDO of the Year 2014
Michael Doernberg, Brian Lakamp, Eric Garland, Bill Campbell, and Dick Wingate
Riley McDonough (Thomson Reuters) and Vivian Schiller (NBC News)
Michael Smith: President at Forbes.com
Fred Santarpia: Chief Digital Officer at Conde Nast
Ellie Hirschhorn: Chief Digital Officer at Simon & Schuster
Daniel Heaf, Jason Seiken, Albert Cheng, Jason Tafler, and Esmeralda Swartz
Daniel Heaf, Jason Seiken, and Albert Cheng
Margaret Molloy and Mary Ann Pierce
Michael Smith, Fred Santarpia, David Kang, Joe Bilman, and Ellie Hirschhorn
David Kang (Wenner Media) and Joe Bilman (American Media Inc.)
Chief Digital Officers Bernardo Rodriguez, Perry Hewitt, and Sree Sreenivasan
Ana Serrano, Elizabeth Scott, Christine Montgomery, and Tom Hjelm
Ana Serrano: Chief Digital Officer at Canadian Film Centre
Mayer Danzig, Jonathan Sackett, Josh Golden, and Angela Wei
Jane Barratt: Chief Operating Officer at mcgarrybowen
Daniel Backhaus
Jörg Malang, George Gollub, and Mark Keys
Bill Campbell: SVP, Digital Business at Universal Music Group
Scott Singer (DDG), Perry Hewitt (Harvard University), and David Payne (Gannett)
Margaret Molloy, Christine Montgomery, and Janet Scardino
Harriet Seitler, Katerina Markov, Laxmi Wordham, and Rosemary Maggiore
Jason Seiken (PBS) and Tom Hjelm (New York Public Radio)
David Payne: Senior Vice President and CDO at Gannett Co., Inc.
David Shing: Digital Prophet at AOL
Elizabeth Scott: Chief Media and Digital Officer at Lincoln Center
David Chivers, Chris Hooven, Jonathan Sackett, and David Shing
David Mathison, Chan Suh, and Jay Rosenzweig
Angela Wei: Managing Director at AGENCY (Milk Studios)
Linda Perry-Lube, Thomas Gensemer, David Richeson, Steve Rubel, and Scott Schneider
Scott Swartz, Jeremy Legg, Mehul Nagrani, and Joe Ruffolo
Cammie Croft, Jay Geneske, and Laxmi Wordham
Eric Hellweg (Harvard Business Review), Perry Hewitt (Harvard University), and Sree Sreenivasan (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Kristen O’Hara, Thomas Gewecke, Dan Suratt, Kristin Frank, and Lisa Hsia
Daniel Heaf, David Payne, Justin Tobin, and Eric Hellweg

CDO Club: CDO of the Year

The CDO Club gives the annual “CDO of the Year” award to inspiring digital and data leaders. The award recognizes both Chief Digital Officers (since 2013) and Chief Data Officers (since 2016), in these regions – the US, UK, EU, Australia/New Zealand, and Japan.

See select recipients below, and all winners of the CDO of the Year award here.


CDO Club: Hall of Fame

The CDO Club is the only organization tracking the ‘CDO to CEO career path’ – aka, the Hall of Fame – those CDOs who have become CEO/President or Board Director/Non Executive Director (NED).

Since 2011, more than 100 CDOs have become CEO, a startling statistic considering there are only a few thousand executives who hold that exact title.

See our Hall of Fame page for all those who made this career move, and for more information.


CDO Summits

We have held CDO Summits in NYC (our 8th year), 3 years in London, Sydney, Tel Aviv, and Tokyo. We have also held CDO Summits in Amsterdam, Istanbul, Madrid, Toronto, and Washington DC. We are open to planning events in other global cities.

Our first London event was held at the BBC, three NYC events were held at Thomson Reuters, one NYC event was held at CNN/Time Warner, and the inaugural Toronto event was held at Thomson Reuters. 

Here are the cities we produced CDO Summit events in since 2013:


2013-2019 2016-2019 2017-2019 2018, 2015,

2016-2017 2017 2017 2015


We are open to hosting events in these or other cities around the world.
Please contact us for more information on upcoming events at info@cdosummit.com




Who Attends the CDO Summit?

CDO Summit attendees are as influential as the speakers. The Summit represents the world’s leading executives in digital, data, strategy, innovation, customer experience, and cybersecurity, both on stage and in the audience.

A spreadsheet listing all speakers and delegates from every CDO Summit to date (title and company) is available here



Previous Event Speakers

Our CDO Summits have featured leading digital, data, and analytics executives from the world’s most prestigious organizations. 
Speakers have included CDOs from IBM, The White House, the City of Boston, NY City, NY State, City of Vancouver and Toronto, Ontario (Canada), the BBC, Renault, the CMO of GE, and the CEO of Australia’s Digital Transformation Agency, among many others.
Below are links to the speakers at our last few CDO Summits in Toronto, Washington DC, NYC, Sydney, London, and Amsterdam. Also see Previous Agendas below:


TEL AVIV 2019 NYC 2019 FUKUOKA 2019 NYC 2018 TEL AVIV 2018
Amit Kama
Speakers Coming Soon
Atif Rafiq
Former Chief Digital Officer
Volvo Cars
See all 2019 NYC Speakers
Koichi Narasaki
Group Chief Digital Officer
Sompo Holdings, Inc.
See all 2019 Fukuoka Speakers
Anthony Scriffignano, Ph.D.
SVP, Chief Data Scientist
Dun & Bradstreet
See all 2018 NYC Speakers
Tal Langevich Avraham
CDO – Head of Digital & Innovation
Clal Insurance
See all 2018 Tel Aviv Speakers


TOKYO 2018 LONDON 2018 NYC 2017 TEL AVIV 2017 TOKYO 2017
Kazuo Iwano
Chief Digital Officer
Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corp
See all 2018 Tokyo Speakers
Lauren Sager Weinstein
Chief Data Officer
Transport for London
See all 2018 London Speakers
Bob Lord
Chief Digital Officer
See all 2017 NYC Speakers
Brian Solis
Principal Analyst
See all 2017 Tel Aviv Speakers
Tsuguhide Nagase
Chief Digital Officer
See all 2017 Tokyo Speakers


Hillary Hartley
CDO & Deputy Minister for
Digital Government

Ontario Public Service
See all 2017 Toronto Speakers
Gerrit Lansing
Former Chief Digital Officer
The White House
See all 2017 DC Speakers
Clive Dickens
Chief Digital Officer
Seven West Media
See all 2017 Sydney Speakers
Lauren Lockwood
Chief Digital Officer
City of Boston
See all 2016 NYC Speakers
Omer Milwidsky
Chief Digital Officer
Meitav Dash
See all 2016 Tel Aviv Speakers


Rebekah Horne
Chief Digital Officer
National Rugby League
See all 2016 Sydney Speakers
Patrick Hoffstetter
Chief Digital Officer
Director Digital Factory
See all 2015 AMS Speakers
Joris Merks-Benjaminsen
Head of Digital Transformation
See all 2015 UK Speakers
Sree Sreenivasan
Chief Digital Officer
Metropolitan Museum of Art
See all 2015 NYC Speakers
Mike Bracken
Executive Director,
Digital Cabinet Office,
British Government
See all 2014 UK Speakers


Previous Agendas
Our programs feature a balance of cutting edge keynotes, informative panels, and networking breaks that allow you to get quality time with C-suite digital and data decision-makers.


CDO Summit Re-Caps

To give you a sense of the format, speakers and attendees at our summits, here are re-caps of some recent events and their websites in Tel Aviv, NYC, Sydney, London, Istanbul, and Amsterdam:


 Fukuoka 2019: Re-cap and Website Madrid 2019Re-cap and Website  NYC 2019Re-cap and Website


 NYC 2018Re-cap and Website London 2018Re-cap and Website  Tokyo 2017Re-cap and Website


 Sydney 2017Re-cap and Website NYC 2017Re-cap and Website  Toronto 2017Re-cap and Website


 Tel Aviv 2016Re-cap and Website NYC 2016Re-cap and Website  Sydney 2016Re-cap and Website


 London 2015Re-cap and Website  Turkey 2015Re-cap and Website  Amsterdam 2015Re-cap and Website


Sponsor Impact Report

We provide our partners with targeted reach, impact, and engagement – before, during, and after the Summit itself.

Our Sponsor Impact Reports summarize a campaign’s effectiveness across all media – traditional, mobile, and social. We put the metrics into one report to make it easier to calculate an ROI on your sponsorship. 

The report measures reach from the combined effect of our emailers, blog posts, media coverage, press releases, social media, and Twitter and Google ad campaigns.

For example, see our Sponsor Impact Report for the six months surrounding the NYC CDO Summit on April 29, 2015.

Our Sponsors

We started the CDO Summit in 2013, and in just four short years, we have attracted some of the world’s most prestigious organizations as sponsors, including Accenture Digital, Accenture Strategy, Adobe, BBC, Bloomberg, EY, Harvey Nash, IBM, McKinsey & Company, and Microsoft, among many others.

Below are some of our select sponsors, or click here to see previous year’s sponsors:



What Are Your Options?

We have a wide variety of current options, or we can craft a unique proposal to meet your specific needs.

Sponsorship packages are available for the CDO Club, the CDO Summits, or both. 

The most effective strategy combines both options into a strategic, prolonged, multi-channel marketing campaign. The CDO Summits provide intimate, face-to-face connections, while the CDO Club sponsorship gets you beyond the four walls of the event to our thousands of registered CDO Club members, tens of thousands of email subscribers, and our extensive social media platforms.

For maximum global or domestic exposure, we also offer multi-year and multi-city discounts. 

See all sponsorship options on the Rate Card here >



Sponsoring the CDO Summit / CDO Club will help you build relationships, reach your target audience, and grow your business. 

But don’t take our word for it, see what past speakers, attendees, and sponsors had to say about us.

Check out our Endorsements here. 

Sometimes a conference comes along that hits the trifecta – hot topic, high-caliber attendees, and stellar location.
The first Chief Digital Officer Summit reached that mark with ease, and I look forward to attending the next one.

– Eric HellwegManaging Director, Digital Strategy/Editorial Director at Harvard Business Review



David, here’s a handy C^3 test for conference value: Did I learn at least three new perspectives? Check. Did I meet at least three interesting people? Check. Did I take back at least three relevant pieces of news I can use? Check. Flying colors for the Chief Digital Officer Summit 2013! Thank you so much, and yes, I’d be very pleased to participate next year!
Perry Hewitt: Former Chief Digital Officer at Harvard University




For more endorsements, see our highlight video reels from select CDO Summits below:

NYC 2016

Amsterdam 2015

Sydney 2016


UK 2015

UK 2014

NYC 2013



Videos of all CDO Summits keynotes and panels are available for CDO Club Members here (registration required).

Select videos from our NYC CDO Summits in 2013 and 2014 are available on our YouTube channel, including this fireside chat from our 2014 NYC CDO Summit at CNN, featuring Rachel S. Haot, then Chief Digital Officer for NYC:





David Mathison

Curator, CDO Summit

Founder, CDO Club

Email: David@CDOSummit.com

US Tel: +1 516 488-1143

US Mobile: +1 415 637-8365

Skype: BeTheMedia
David Mathison is the CEO and founder of the CDO Club and CDO Summit.

Mathison is the world’s leading authority on Chief Digital and Data Officers. He created the first-ever community for CDOs on LinkedIn in 2011, and the first-ever summit specifically for CDOs in 2013.

He has been quoted on this topic by American Banker, CIO .com, CIO Journal, CIO-UK, CMS Wire, CNBC, Computer Weekly, Computerworld, Deloitte, Diginomica, EdTech Magazine, eMarketer, FedTech Magazine, FierceCIO, Financial Times, Forbes, Guardian, Huffington Post, I-CIO, McKinsey & Company, Media Post, MIT Sloan Management Review, VentureBeat, Wall Street Journal, and ZDNet, among others.

Full biography here.

Meet you on:

 @BeTheMedia  @CDOSummit  CDO Club  David Mathison



If you have questions, we have answers! See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information, or connect with us via the phone number or email above. 



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