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4 Things Chief Digital Officers Must Do to Become CEO or Board Director / NED [VIDEO]

This month yet another Chief Digital Officer made the transition to CEO/President, when Joachim Janssen was named CEO at Viessmann Group. That means in 2016, three CDOs have already become CEO, and one was named Non-Executive Director (or ‘NED,’ a.k.a. ‘Board Director’ here in the States). And those are just the ones we’ve reported on […]

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Alan Mumby CDO Summit

Don’t Miss “From Bytes to Board: The Journey from Technology to the Boardroom” at the 2015 U.K. Chief Digital Officer Summit

Since its inception in 2011, the CDO Club has been tracking the Chief Digital Officer to CEO/NED career trend, and for good reason: An increasing number of CDOs are making the leap to CEO. So far, in 2015 alone, 10 Chief Digital Officers have become CEO/President, while four have become Non-Executive Board Directors. In 2014, […]

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The CDO Hall of Fame: Chief Digital Officers Who Have Become CEO and Board Directors

As our readers know, the CDO Club is the only company tracking Chief Digital Officers and Chief Data Officers who have become Chief Executive Officer or Board Director/Non-Executive Director. Our research shows, in the first half of 2015 alone, SIX CDOs have graduated to CEO, while THREE CDOs became Board Director/NED. Incredibly, these numbers have already surpassed all of […]

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From Chief Digital Officer to CEO: 6 Tips from HarperCollinsUK CEO Charlie Redmayne

“The reason that I’m the CEO of HarperCollins is that my business is fundamentally challenged by the things that I do,” said Charlie Redmayne, CEO at HarperCollins U.K., at the inaugural U.K. Chief Digital Officer Summit at the BBC in London, England, on October 29, 2014. “All of our businesses are fundamentally challenged by the things […]

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Everything you need to know about Chief Digital Officers and Chief Data Officers in 28 minutes [VIDEO]

David Mathison, founder of the CDO Club and curator of the CDO Summit, summed up the importance of Chief Digital Officers and Chief Data Officers in one tweet: “If you’re lacking a digital transformation strategy, it’s not just your company that’s at risk. Entire industries are at risk,” Mathison said at the inaugural U.K. CDO […]

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