Chief Digital Officer: An Insider’s Take – What CDOs Do And Why They Matter

“David Mathison, founder of the Chief Digital Officer Club, recently told the MIT Sloan Management Review that there will still be only 500 CDOs worldwide by the end of the year, although that is a big rise from the 75 or so that existed in 2011.

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È l’ora del Chief digital officer

“Negli Usa, dove peraltro all’inizio non tutti concordavano sulla necessità di questa nuova figura professionale, esiste già un Summit dei Cdo organizzato ogni anno a New York da David Mathison, scrittore, imprenditore ed esperto di new media. Tra gli esempi più interessanti di Chief Digital Officer c’è la 29enne Rachel Sterne Haot, già fondatrice di […]

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Forrester Report: Do We Need Chief Digital Officers?

“The CDO position, Mathison added, is increasingly the fast-track to the CEO seat. In 2013 alone, he said, more than seven CDOs became CEO, and more than four CDOs joined public boards. Considering there are not many CDOs around, that is a very impressive statistic, and reflects the importance of digital in business, education and […]

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Should CIOs Be Rebranding Themselves As CDOs?

“Essentially, the CDO skillset is entrepreneurial. It’s not really about technology tools or marketing savvy, but about being able to run a business, grow revenues and cut costs. It’s about demonstrable experience of successfully handling profit/loss responsibility,” Mathison explains. “CDO to CEO is starting to look like a much faster career track than CIO to […]

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CDOs Are Reaching New Heights — And Quickly

“When you look at their backgrounds and skill sets, they’re coming up from entrepreneurial and managerial backgrounds, Mathison says. These people — if they are successful — will probably be running the show in three to five years. I’ve been surprised at how quickly it’s happening.

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