If you missed the Collibra “United By Data” event
“Data Democratization and Modernization”
on January 12, 2022 or want to watch it again:

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Data has the power to transform businesses.

But the explosion in the velocity, volume, and variety of data in today’s enterprise environment has made it increasingly difficult for people to find, trust and access the data they need. 

According to IDC, by 2025 there will be 32 ZB of data.

So, how does a business ensure they are unlocking the potential this data has to offer?

And how can organizations democratize this data to drive greater collaboration, insights, and productivity, all while keeping up with the latest privacy and regulatory trends?

Join us in this session, where, together we will navigate some of these challenges, and provide actionable insights and perspectives from a panel of industry leaders.

Speakers include:

Join us to hear from your peers – CDOs, CAOs, and CTOs – on how to create a robust and mature data environment so that your organization has high quality, accurate, and trustworthy data to drive strategic business decisions.

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