Thank you to the 287 people who appreciate our work enough to let us know!

Chief AI Officer Summit/CDAO Summit Endorsements (23):

IBM CDO/CTO Summit Endorsements (59):

Other Endorsements (205):

World’s 1st-ever Chief AI Officer Summit (live in Boston 12/14/2023):

"This was a great collaboration David Mathison, we should do it more often 🙂 You put on a great program, as always. Thanks for your partnership between the world's 1st-ever Chief AI Officer Summit and the Institute for Experiential AI at Northeastern University!"

Hamit Hamutcu
Senior Advisor at Institute for Experiential AI
Northeastern University

"Thanks for having me as part of today’s panel at the world's 1st Chief AI Officer Summit! It was fun, and I learned a lot from the other panelists, as well as from the sessions earlier and later during the conference!"

Matt Lewis
Global Chief Artificial and Augmented Intelligence Officer
Inizio Medical

"Thanks for putting together such a fantastic Chief AI Officer Summit! I’m happy to continue the support in your upcoming events!"

Peggy TsAI
Chief Data Officer

"I really enjoyed the CDAO/CAIO Summits, and am looking forward to future ones."

Kevin Wang
.406 Ventures

"Thanks David Mathison and CAIO Summit team. The best panels and discussions I have seen on AI strategy and leadership. Looking forward to June 2024 in DC!"

Stéphane Gagnon
Associate Professor of Business Technology Management (BTM)
Université du Québec en Outaouais

"I really enjoyed your 10th CDAO Summit and the 1st-ever Chief AI Officer Summit! Keynotes were good and entertaining. Panels got better with your coaching! Enjoy the weekend and hope you get a little well deserved R&R!"

David Singletary

"Amazing start to an awesome day. The 1st-ever Chief AI Officer Summit was an amazing learning and growing event for everyone. You and the team made it look seamless. We were all taking copious notes and pictures. Well done everyone! Brava."

Lisa Bettinger-Buckingham
Ellig Group

"Congrats David Mathison what a line up at the world's first Chief AI Officer Summit! I am sure the event will be amazing, thanks for all the work you do!"

Miguel Paredes
Former Vice President of AI & Data Science
Albertsons Companies

"What a wonderful 1st-ever Chief AI Officer Summit, job well done."

Mark Gleason
Chief of Enterprise AI, Data & Architecture
Hudson Insurance Group

"I'm a big advocate for the high-quality programming and insights that your organization pulls together! Congrats on hosting such an insightful and value-packed event! We took away tons of great learnings and can’t thank you enough for providing Dell Technologies Chief AI Officer Jeff Boudreau with the opportunity to speak – along with your efforts in helping to coordinate Kleida Martiro and Usama Fayyad’s participation!"

Jacquelyn Callahan O'Mahony
Chief of Staff, AI Center of Innovation & Excellence
Dell Technologies

"Thrilled to be at the world's first Chief AI Officer Summit in Boston today, another well produced event by David Mathison at Institute for Experiential AI at Northeastern University. Great speaker lineup! Kudos to David for another well thought out two day agenda."

Tiran Dagan
Former CDO

"What a wonderful CDAO/Chief AI Officer Summit in Boston! I'm so grateful and honored to have participated in both days. I got a chance to catch up with peers & friends, see some of my pals like Randy Bean and Michael Krigsman,and I finally got to see you in person and give you a warm big hug and thank you for all that you do, IN PERSON! It was an amazing event. Thank you."

Sol Rashidi
Data, AI, & Business Consultant

"The Chief AI Officer Summit was a great event. I can only describe it as "super fascinating." That was the feedback I've been texting everyone, when asked how the event went. Probably the best event I've attended in the last few years. I keep talking about it to friends and customers. No BS, great people, no marketing, practical, realistic, actionable, and no ego. Just a group of leaders getting together to problem solve AI adoption at scale. A big thank you to David Mathison and the CDO Club! Over 250 AI and Data leaders from all over the world came together to discuss the current state of AI, network, and share common strategies."

Rob Wellen
Managing Director, Data & AI
BDO Digital USA

"Thrilled to participate in deep and meaningful discussions today about the skills required to lead the Generative AI movement at the Chief Data and AI Officer Summit at the Institute for Experiential AI at Northeastern University and produced by David Mathison. What an incredible day of convocation with thought leaders and change makers. Appreciate the work you are doing."

Tamara Vazquez
Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion
S&P Global

"Just want to drop you a quick note about how great the CDAO and Chief AI Officer Sumits in Boston were in Dec 2023. Eileen Vidrine and Sol Rashidi had mentioned it to me before I committed to the panel that you produce great events. I must agree with them. It was definitely some of the best I have been to this year with the right level of info and carefully curated content. Thank you for the opportunity to be on a wonderful panel. Congratulations on the first ever CAIO Summit! Hope you get to breath a bit now that the summit is over and as we approach the holidays."

Yvonne Li
Vice President of Enterprise Artificial Intelligence, Data, and Decision Science

Our 10th CDAO Summit (live in Boston 12/13/2023):

"David Mathison Thank you for hosting such a great inaugural Chief AI Officer Summit and your 11th CDAO Summit. I really enjoyed meeting with great network of CDAOs and CAIOs."

Yazhene Krishnaraj
Head of Decision Intelligence, U.S. Pharmaceutical

"It was a real pleasure working with you and participating in the CDAO/CAIO summits in Boston in Dec 2023. Thanks for the opportunity to continue to help serve this community."

Randy Bean
Author, Speaker, Senior Advisor
Data & AI Leadership Exchange

"Thanks for an excellent panel on "The Rapidly Evolving Role of the Chief Data & Analytics Officer" at the 11th CDAO Summit. All of the panelists shared their unique experiences and points of view. So much knowledge on one stage and a real commitment to move the industry forward by instigating smart conversations. Thank you!"

Rose Meade Hart
Entertainment and Media Attorney & Founder
Hart Law Group, LLC

"Congratulations on running yet another successful CDAO/CAIO event. You always raise the bar with quality of content and speakers. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from different speakers and contributing myself. Thank you for the opportunity. Hope you got to rest a little. Have a great holiday season."

Phanii Pydimarri
Head of Strategic Planning & Partnerships, Enterprise Data & AI Solutions Group
Health Care Service Corporation

"Thank you David Mathison for the opportunity to share and highlight the healthcare industry trends at today’s 10th CDAO Summit! BigID is proud to sponsor and support this community."

Peggy TsAI
Chief Data Officer

"The 10th CDAO Summit was a great event, thank you for allowing me to be part of it. I enjoyed participating on the panel on “Super Charge Your Enterprise with Security, Privacy, and Best Practices for Data Fabric and Generative AI,” moderated by my IBM colleague Tim Davis."

Chip Crane
IBM Americas Technical Security Leader

"David Mathison, thank you for the opportunity to participate on the CDAO Summit panel on “Super Charge Your Enterprise with Security, Privacy, and Best Practices for Data Fabric and Generative AI,” moderated by IBM's Tim Davis. Great set of topics and fantastic questions from so many. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks to my fellow panelists as well: Kelly Mannes, Sol Rashidi, and Chip Crane from IBM."

Kamal Distell
VP Data, Analytics, Platforms and Data Science
Toyota Motor Corporation

"The 10th CDAO and 1st Chief AI Officer Summits were great events. I look forward to the next ones in Washington, DC!"

Elizabeth Kiehner
Chief Growth Officer

IBM CDO/CTO Summit (live in NYC 06/20/2023):

IBM CDO/CTO Summit (live in Boston 12/6/2022):

“Fantastic way to finish a hugely successful trip to Boston at the IBM CDO/CTO Global Summit ... brilliant event as usual David Mathison, well done!”

Alex Clyne
Jump Digital

“Off to a great start at the CDO Club CDO/CTO Summit in Boston, MA with IBM. Great discussions and presentations with IBM’s Jesus Mantas. Great assembly, David Mathison!!!”

Alex Romanovich
Managing Partner and Global CMO
Global Edge Markets

"Great IBM CDO/CTO Summit in Boston! Inspiring discussions on AI, data fabric, ethics and privacy. I loved being a speaker! Congratulations Dave Mathison and team for an outstanding event and thanks for the opportunity to participate”

Anjali Gupta Reddi
Chief Data Officer
Dow Jones

“So much thought leadership at the IBM CDO/CTO Summit Boston! Thank you for having me, David Mathison.”

Dr. Charlotte Anabelle de Brabandt
Head of IT Partner Management & Head of IT Governance US
ZF Group

“Fantastic event, David! Thank you again for including me in December's IBM CDO/CTO Summit in Boston. It was such an honor to be present, and the conversations were fantastic.”

David Barnes
Senior Responsible AI Advisor
US Army Artificial Intelligence Integration Center

“The program at the recent IBM CDO/CTO Summit in Boston was really well done, David Mathison. Every program provided learnings from people who are best practitioners in IT and their vertical industries.”

David A. Rosen
CEO, Managing Partner
Acrelic Group

“Congrats on the turnout. Really enjoying the Boston IBM CDO/CTO Summit so far. Nice work!!”

David Singletary

“Thank you David Mathison for inviting SiteSpect, Inc. to the 2022 IBM CDO/CTO Summit in Boston, truly a great event. Looking forward to another in 2023!”

Eric Raymond
SiteSpect, Inc.

"I was absolutely delighted to be one of the speakers at the IBM CDO/CTO summit in Boston. Thought leadership comes from saying what we think outside of our own spaces and inviting the thoughts of others who may disagree. Great respect to Inderpal Bhandari and David Mathison and so many others for creating this wonderful holding environment for fresh thinking and perspective. Kudos for all of the effort it took to make this happen!

Anthony Scriffignano
SVP, Chief Data Scientist
Dun & Bradstreet

“The IBM CDO/CTO Summit was very insightful and informative. Always enjoy the way you and your team stay ahead of the curve David.”

George M Gollub
Senior Digital Sales Rep NA

"The best part of my job is meeting and learning from smart people. Thank you David Mathison for hosting an educational IBM CDO/CTO Summit in Boston!"

Kevin Petrie
Vice President of Research
Eckerson Group

"Thank you so very much for extending an invitation for me to attend this event. My reMarkable tablet shows that I took 26 pages of notes – it was the best conference I can recall going to in the past ten years. The depth and breadth of learning and conversation between events was incredible and I hope my organization benefits from my experience."

Kirsten DiChiappari
VP, Customer Success

"Yesterday's IBM CDO/CTO Summit in Boston was great. Good topics and pertinent speakers."

Louis DiModugno
Former SVP, Chief Data and Technology Officer
HSB, a division of Munich Re

“Thank you David Mathison for getting folks together in person for the 2022 #BostonCDOSummit. Looking forward to a day of learning and shared insights from colleagues across industries.”

Tiran Dagan
VP, CDO Industry Solutions CMT

“Thank you very much for your wonderful IBM CDO/CTO Summit in Boston!”

Tuan Nguyen
Boston Global Forum (BGF)

"David, I can't say thank you enough for inviting me to speak at the IBM CDO/CTO Summit. That was an incredible experience and such a great opportunity to grow my network. I also appreciated your advice on leading organizations, seeking seats on boards, and more. I hope we can stay in touch as I grow as a data professional. I would greatly value your continued mentorship!"

Colonel Paul Evangelista
Chief Data Officer
US Military Academy at West Point

"Amazingly done, David. Another great IBM CDO/CTO Summit in Boston, with great speakers, and most importantly, highly relevant content. Thank you for having me as a speaker. Looking forward to future learnings."

Phanii Pydimarri
Head of Commercial AI Products
Stanley Black & Decker (Former)

"David, thank you for such a great event at the IBM CDO/CTO Summit in Boston. Great speakers, great content! Well done!"

Neil Smith
Chief Technology and Information Officer
Sense Making Systems

"I really enjoyed the IBM CDO/CTO Summit conference. All panels were great – especially the board one. Learned a lot there."

Lalit Thakur
Chief Data Officer

"Congratulations on the IBM CDO/CTO Summit in Boston. Really thoughtful discussions & great insights across the day!"

Seth Proctor
CEO & Founder
Tranquil Data

"I had a lovely time at the IBM CDO/CTO Boston summit. Thank you for including me. I found the sessions interesting and valuable."

Jennifer Snyder MBA
Director of Partner Ecosystems

IBM CDO/CTO Summit live in San Francisco (11/09/2022):

“Great morning session at the IBM CDO/CTO Summit in San Francisco — super informative and fantastic speakers.”

Diana Dunnan
Senior Manager of Recruiting
Soni Tech

“Hello David - I would like to commend you and your team for the fantastic session yesterday at the IBM CDO/CTO Summit in San Francisco! This was one of the best CDO conferences I have attended in years! Very relevant topics and an awesome lineup of speakers. I am not a CDO (yet) and hearing such wonderful leaders on the stage is very motivating and helpful in my journey to becoming a CDO.”

Chidroop Madhavarapu
Sr Director, Data Science

“Good to reconnect again at the IBM CDO/CTO Summit in San Francisco. Very well run event, so thank you.”

John Ahrendt
Senior Partner

“David - Thank you for organizing such an insightful IBM CDO/CTO summit in San Francisco. Thanks for the opportunity and including me in such an informative, inspiring, and well-run CDO Summit. Let's stay in touch.”

Venu Chillarige
Senior Business Technology Leader

“Great event and very relevant topics at the IBM CDO/CTO Summit in SF.”

Sham Kashikar
Former Global Head of Analytics & Data Management

“Thank you for organizing such a great event with meaningful content that produced interactive personal experience and deepened the existing connections. As always, I am happy to contribute as a faculty member at the IBM CDO/CTO Summit in San Francisco.”

Shadaab Kanwal
MD Digital, Data, and Analytics
Charles Schwab

IBM CDO/CTO Summit Webinars (2019-2022):

“Love the AI conversation!”

Teena Piccione
Global Transformation & Operations Executive

“Thank you endlessly! It is no secret that data is the significant transactional ingredient that touches our customers, operations, executive management, shareholders, the regulators, financial services board, and potential investors. Without data there is no business. Without good data there is no good business. In my mind, superior management of data is going to become the best differentiator of competitive advantage within the banking industry and of course any organization.”

Dumisani Mthimkhulu
Head Data Asset Management
Standard Bank Group

“Thank you - very informative. 👍”

Robert Candiano
Senior Digital Marketing Manager
StandUp Wireless

"Great topic and enjoyed the discussion from the best! I continue to thoroughly enjoy the shared knowledge, experiences, and unique perspective the leaders bring to the CDO discussions."

Arvind Raja
Principal Advisor/CDO, Program Advisor
Minnesota State University

“Thank you David and speakers today! Truly a wonderful session and a very rich conversation surrounding data management and privacy!” 

Jose Tapia
Chief Strategy and Business Transformation Officer
Stealth Mode


Priya Iragavarapu
VP, Center of Data Excellence

“Interesting discussions! Many of us in the CDO roles are always exploring new means of delivering value to our businesses through data. Many new initiatives including exploring revamped data strategy, distributed computing, AI/ML and data mesh. Great conversations relevant for all CDO and business executives. Excellent session! Kudos to David & CDO Club team for putting together interesting topics.”

Piyush Malik
Chief Digital and Transformation Officer
Veridic Solutions

“Thanks guys! Great panel.”

Nick Krol
Director of Operations
Brians Tix


“Great show!”

Jawad Raza
EVP - Head of Data Analytics, Big Data, AI
Meezan Bank Limited

“Thanks so much for the cutting edge insight into how business is evolving / pivoting with a digital approach. Hats off, very relevant topics! Many thanks for your kind acknowledgement, I was quite flattered and honored. Always enjoy being part of your summits!"”

George M Gollub
Senior Digital Sales Rep NA

“Great discussion! Thanks to David and the panelists.”

Gary Cao
Vice President, Enterprise Data and Analytics Vice
Akron Children's Hospital

"First of all, nice job hosting, David! I wish we had more talented folks like you at our other events."

Kevin Black
Chief Privacy Office Senior Communication Strategist

“Great session Dave Much more engaging and real life, practitioner content shared than what I see in panels at most conferences. Thanks for inviting.”

Kuntal Hansaria
Associate Partner - AI, Analytics & Digital

“Thanks, David! Great service and community. Valuable topics and discourse plus huge benefit to sanity during stressful, rapidly changing times.”

Michael R Hoffman
Director, Digitization

"Really excellent session today! Well done, again, on the panel -- super high quality content and very tight production. Looking forward to the next one!"

David Singletary

“These CDO Club calls are always fantastic! What an incredible session.”

Aurora Boschker
Global IBM Executive Advocate Program Leader

"Thanks to all my fellow panelists, it was a pleasure participating with you at today’s IBM event. Thanks to David and his team at the CDO Club for putting this event together. Sincerely appreciated and a really terrific job on all your efforts!" 

Becky Wanta
CIO/CTO and Member, Board of Directors

"I want to thank you for today's session. Very insightful and great speakers. I am personally more involved in the marketing/e-comm and business side of tech, and this was very valuable. Just to mention, as a comparison, I also spent time in a marketing event today, and took nothing out of it! There's nothing like tech."

Gael de Talhouet
Vice President Brand Building

"Thank you for the IBM CDO Summit on Privacy today! It was very impressive, especially IBM's privacy practice is very proactive and learning from her insight."

Kohei Kurihara
Privacy by Design Lab

"Your session on Data Privacy and Governance was truly insightful. Thanks for sharing."

Rushabh Mehta
Founder & CEO
Matchbook AI

"This was an excellent panel on data privacy and governance - thanks to all!"

Jeremy Harris Lipschultz
Peter Kiewit Distinguished Professor at School of Communication
University of Nebraska at Omaha

"I truly enjoyed the summit. I look forward to future events and perhaps participating more."

Ray Estevez
Chief Information Officer

"This was a great webinar ... great content and speaker line-up!"

David Perlmutter
Vice President, Client Engagement & Partner Development
Majestyk Apps

“David Mathison is a pioneer in the CDO space. To say that David is a brilliant visionary is an understatement. He is a global digital and data thought leader who truly helped put CDO’s on the map and position them as highly sought after advisors to corporations, governments, foundations and leading organizations throughout the world. He is a role model for Top Gun in his field.”

Robert Stack
Celebrity Handler

"David, fantastic zoom conference today on data privacy and governance. Educational, informative and entertaining. Enjoyed the diverse group of speakers that you had, and gained some useful insights."

Mark Keys
Head of Digital and Innovation

“Excellent value! Thank you, panelists.”

John F. Sciacca
Chief Innovation Officer
Solutions Forecast

“That was a phenomenal session! Thank you for all of your insights!”

Ben Winokur

"Awesome CDO Club webinar on Data & Digital Technology today! The world (not just business) needs to turn to data and use it to solve problems and guide their strategies. Brilliant panelists and the event was awesome! Thank you to CEO of the CDO Club David Mathison."

Macky Bradley, BSc

“I enjoyed being on the panel. The topic was really relevant, and I think we all had some fun along the way! Kudos to your amazing teams for the production support, they have my utmost respect!”

Allen Crane
CEO and Principal Consultant, AC Consulting
Former Assistant Vice President, Cloud Data Executive, USAA

“Very useful session. I recently finished my Ph.D. work in Governance of Artificial Intelligence within Corporate settings. This session was very timely.”

Jodie Lobana, Ph.D.
Managing Director
TeraTera Collaborations Inc.

"Thank you for the interesting conversation!”

Tim Mummers
VP, Americas Data and AI Leader

“Thank you Inderpal for providing clarity around enterprise data fabric and related capabilities. Fantastic panel.”

Seshu Madabhushi, PhD
Consulting Partner, Capital Markets, BFS
Tata Consultancy Services

CDO/CAO Summit Events from 2013-2019:

"I have been literally overwhelmed with communication. Spent 3 hours on email Thursday alone. Thank you again for the recognition and for all that you do to create an absolutely awesome holding environment for sharing, learning, and coming together."

Anthony Scriffignano
SVP and Chief Data Scientist
Dun & Bradstreet

"Thank you both for a wonderful experience yesterday at the NYC CDO Summit! I thought the event was terrific, and I so enjoyed our panel discussion. Took a lot of notes and connected with some great people."

Lisa Schneider
Chief Digital Officer & Publisher

"Your CDO Job Updates are the most important reports I read."

Mario Faria
VP Program Director, Research Board

"Your conferences are the best in the industry!"

Joe McKendrick

"Thank you for welcoming me to your great NYC CDO Summit, and to co-presenter Janice Ellig for facilitating an insightful discussion."

Lili Gil Valletta
Cofounder and CEO

"I really enjoyed the CDO Summit experience. Thank you for the opportunity to present!"

Mike Edmonds
Managing Director, VP Product
Moonshot by Pactera

"Congratulations on another great NYC CDO Summit. I really enjoyed it and met many amazing people!"

Mark A. Pfister
Pfister Strategy Group

"You have mastered this event and I am honored to be a small part of it. Loved participating and will be even better if we have another opportunity. Again congratulations - you have achieved what many dream about!!!

Janice Ellig
Ellig Group

"Nice to be a part of the NYC CDO Summit 2019. Enjoyed the insightful presentations, panel discussions and diverse perspectives of industry luminaries leading Digital Transformation initiatives."

Joyanta Majee
VP | Head of Data & Analytics Practice
Orion Business Innovation

"Congratulations on a great NYC CDO Summit! I am so glad, that I sent you an email requesting the event invitation. Thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful discussions. I am looking forward to be part of future events and contributing the CDO Club."

Nagaraja Deevi
Managing Partner
Deevi Advisory & Research Studies

"I was impressed with the lineup of speakers and topics covered at the NYC CDO Summit, and thoroughly enjoyed meeting some of the attendees and speakers."

Timur Pakay
Associate Director, Executive Education
Columbia Engineering

"Thanks for yet another incredible NYC CDO Summit! The content was fantastic, and the connections I made were invaluable."

Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman
The Center for Special Dentistry

"Thanks for your NYC CDO Summit yesterday. I learned much and met lots of good people."

Peter J. McAliney, PhD MBA
Chair - Universities and Education Community of Interest
Government Blockchain Association

"We appreciate your good will, cooperation and many kindnesses."

Danny Flamberg
VP Marketing and Communication

"Congratulations on a great success at the NYC CDO Summit, you had a good turnout and some very impressive panels."

Daniel Teplin
Reed Smith LLP

"Great conference today! Thank you for the opportunity to join the Data panel discussion at the 2018 NYC CDO Summit. I enjoyed contributing, and your questions and commentary were very insightful allowing for a dynamic conversation."

Gina Papush
Global Chief Data & Analytics Officer


"Thank you very much for organizing such a great event! I know how difficult is to be able to manage the entire event (organization, speakers, place, food) so flawlessly - my hat's off to you!"

Eugene Kolker
Chief Data Officer

"Thank you for having me at the NYC CDO Summit. I really enjoyed the summit and the presentations, incredible minds on stage."

Saskia Steinacker
Global Head Strategy & Digital Transformation

"What a wonderful CDO Summit in Washington DC. I really enjoyed it. I now see why your events are going from strength to strength. Count me in anytime!"

Dave Aron
Vice President & Distinguished Analyst

"Great opportunity to hear from the CDO community and share some of our thinking around enterprise IoT here at Microsoft."

Lee Hickin
National Technology Officer

"David- congrats on yet another successful CDO summit! And thanks for letting me play a small part- the panelists were terrific and it was a lot of fun steering that conversation."

Eric Hellweg
Vice President of Product, News Experience
The New York Times

"Thanks for including me in such an informative, inspiring and well-run DC CDO Summit. I enjoyed making new connections."

Jay Chakrapani
Chief Digital Officer
Barnes and Noble Education

"I found the 2017 NYC CDO Summit very immersive in innovation, strategy, and digital transformation.  Great speakers and content overall!"

Chris Hulse
Chief Digital Officer
BlueLine Rental

"Dave, a quick note to say thanks so much for delivering such a great Sydney Chief Digital Officer Summit today. Really surpassed my expectations and I've had wonderful feedback from my leadership team. Thank you, once again, and I hope you have a restful sleep this evening."

Kathryn Hamilton
Accenture Digital and Accenture New Zealand
Marketing Manager

"I really enjoyed the sessions I was there for at the Sydney Chief Digital Officer Summit and (most importantly) the other people in the room seemed to be getting a lot out of it. Was great to work with you, and I thank you for the opportunity."

Paul Smith
Australian Financial Review
Technology Editor

"Your NYC CDO Summit 2018 was a beautifully run event, with excellent panelists and speakers."

Haley Silverstein
Program Manager
Start-Up Nation Tech Fairs

"What a wonderful, thought-provoking event you put on this year in NYC! A great line up of speakers -  and John Hall of Orleans has still got it on the guitar. I wanted to express our gratitude to you for being such a great partner to Dun & Bradstreet! We were absolutely delighted to see Inderpal and Caitlin from IBM – don’t know how you managed to pull it off! It was a pleasure to finally meet you in person. Looking forward to many future collaborations."

Ilya Meyzin
Vice President, Data Science Chief of Staff
Dun & Bradstreet

"I just wanted to say well done on a great NYC CDO Summit 2018! My team that attended said it was very well run and had some amazing speakers and topics. I was overseeing it all from a social media perspective and there was a lot of engagement online, which is always great. Also, thank you for making our involvement so effortless."

Lauren Heaton
US B2B Marketing Manager

"Bravo on yet another amazing NYC CDO Summit (2018). I don’t know how you pull this off all over the world but we were truly impressed, and look forward to the next one."

Joy Lillis
Managing Director
Ellig Group

"I really enjoyed the 2018 NYC CDO Summit. What a great learning experience, and an inspiring group of people. My two highlights were the Digital Transformation panel, especially comments by Michelle Froah, and Rich Kramer’s presentation. He is a great motivator. Although now that I’m trying to choose, it’s really difficult. It was great to be a part of such an inspiring day. I wish you huge, continued success with the Summits, the CDO Club, and in developing your new recruiting platform. Enjoy this. To have built something this big from the very start is really impressive."

Christina Gratz
Independent Consultant
Ellig Group

"It was so great meeting you at the CDO summit last week! I really enjoyed the content of the summit and walked away with a lot of new insights."

Brianna Elefant

"I enjoyed the 2018 NYC CDO Summit yesterday – the panel and speakers flawlessly delivered industry insight and an honest look into their own career challenges."

Jocelyn Michaelson
Senior Director, Client Partnerships
JBCconnect | Creative Technology Talent

"I really enjoyed your 2018 NYC CDO Summit. Great event and really interesting topics and speakers."

Todd Olson
Manager, Financial Services
Accu Weather Inc

"Congratulations on building a smart CDO platform / connected opportunity. I look forward to adding to the community."

Lee Nadler
Metro Marketing & Growth, MINI
BMW Group

"@CDOSummit Fantastic event!  Your speakers and their content were absolutely outstanding!  Congrats! I can't stop talking about it!"

Tera Barnes
Director of Business Development and Marketing
FPS Full Production Services

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the CDO NYC Summit.   The new venue was wonderful and the speakers were insightful. Keep up the great work!"

Leisa Glispy
Sr. Director, Head of Digital Center of Excellence (DCoE)
Brother International Corporation

"Firstly let me say congratulations on what was a fantastic day! Again, well done!"

Irena Bobojcov
Design and Marketing Executive
Odgers Berndtson

"I enjoyed attending your UK CDO Summit yesterday, thank you. The varied range of presentation topics resulted in an informative and interesting agenda, and I met some useful contacts. I particularly enjoyed Rich Kramer’s post-Lunch session, with its healthy dose of reality. The last two presentations by Lauren and Sarah were great, and I can see why they won their awards. Great event!"

David Mackay
AVP - Head of UK Business Development
Ness Digital Engineering

"Thank you for organising a wonderful and insightful UK CDO Summit. The speakers were serious advocates of digital transformation and strategic thinkers in this area - so yes, I was fascinated and gobsmacked."

Rory Stewart
Area Manager (UK & Ireland)
eXact learning solutions

"Great event! I thought the quality of the speakers were among the best so far. I’ve had 6 enquiries for more information already today from the 2018 UK CDO Summit."

Alex Clyne
Jump Digital

"What an amazing summit you put together in London 2018. I really enjoyed the sessions I heard. It was an interesting group and I had some good conversations."

Susie Cummings
Founder and Chief Executive



"A sincere thanks for your kindness and hospitality at the fabulous UK CDO Summit 2018. You are such a good, generous soul as well as a super productive hard worker, and the quality of the work that you delivers reflects that. Congratulations on all your success. You deserve so much."

Múirne Laffan
Non Executive Board Member
Digital Repository of Ireland

"This was an excellent event and many thanks for giving me a platform and allowing me to speak at the 2018 UK CDO Summit event."

Peter Jackson
Chief Data Officer
Southern Water

"Thanks for a great Toronto CDO Summit. The quality and breadth of speakers was inspiring and thought-provoking. Your summaries and previews strung everything together so well and helped crystallize new ideas."

Omri Tintpulver
Chief Digital Officer
ZoomerMedia Limited

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for your gracious hospitality today at the DC CDO Summit. I really enjoyed the event and thought the content was super interesting (I was floored by the presentation on Autism and the workforce)."

Scott Zakheim
General Partner
Landmark Ventures

"Thank you for including Leading Edge Forum in the DC CDO Summit. The keynotes and panel interviews were loaded with great information and varying perspectives on 'digital.' From the Chief Data and Digital Officers to what might be relevant to a Chief Marketing Officer in leveraging technology. I have participated in enough conferences that I know the effort it takes to put these together and pull them off successfully. Your team did a great job!"

Kathie Shannon
Client Success Executive
Leading Edge Forum

"Thanks for organising a great summit on Wednesday. Putting together a program that includes the CDO of IBM, former CDO of Renault and HBO director of Veep in one day is an extraordinary feat! Congratulations - you must be exhausted as the attention to detail was exceptional."

Oliver Cummings


"Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the 2017 NYC CDO Summit yesterday - great event - well done!"

Murray Izenwasser
VP, Strategy and Digital Solutions Practice
AAJ Technologies

"Thank you so much for a wonderful 2017 NYC CDO Summit event yesterday. I enjoyed participating on the panel and made several meaningful connections with others at the event. Some of which may have significant impact on projects I am working on."

Michael Melillo
Director, UX Research and Strategy
CA Technologies

"I relished every minute of your conference! As requested, I am now following up. It was great to be at the conference in person to appreciate the total value of your offering, which was absolutely world-class. The diversity of the topics, the content from the speakers, and the interaction with the audience truly set the standard for elite conference providers. Clearly, you expect flawless technical production and content delivery.

Tera Barnes
Director of Business Development and Marketing
FPS Full Production Services

"The content, delivery, leadership, insight and setting all came together at the 2017 Sydney CDO Summit to provide us a thought provoking and data, digital and disruption driven day."

Emma Burns
Team Assistant - Technology Practice
Odgers Berndtson


"What can I say but super impressed with your event and very much enjoyed the calibre of people both as speakers and participants. Thank you so much for inviting me the 2017 Sydney CDO Summit - I’ve had a lot of people reaching out via linkedin after the event."

Anne-Marie Elias
Disruptor's Handbook
Chief Disrupter

"I had a really fabulous day at the 2017 Sydney CDO Summit, thank you for hosting such a great event with such interesting speakers. Well done."

Rebecca Reed
Odgers Berndtson
Head of Sport, Gaming & Entertainment Practice - Australia / New Zealand

"Both Kevin Eagan and I found the CDO Summit very worthwhile. Thanks to Dave and yourself for arranging varied speakers, with great insights."

Patricia Spugani
IBM Digital Platforms and Customer Experience
Chief of Staff to General Manager

"I wanted to thank you and your team for all the hard work to produce the fantastic CDO Summit NYC 2016! I have heard rave reviews all around and great feedback from Kevin Bandy and his team. Congratulations on such a successful event!"

Paul Burkley
Experis at Cisco
Program Manager

"The NYC CDO Summit was terrific! I enjoyed and learned a lot."

Taro Kamioka
Hitotsubashi University

"Great job with the NYC CDO Summit! Good energy in the room."

Dr. Dana Ardi
Managing Director
Corporate Anthropology

"Congratulations on a successful CDO Summit NYC 2016!"

Tracy Murdoch O'Such
Managing Partner and Practice Leader
Digital Media, Entertainment & Sport

"Had the privilege today to share some digital learnings with international leaders from Google, Westpac and Harvey Norman on a panel today at the Chief Digital Officer Summit at Sydney. Thank you David Mathison for the invite!"

Christian Bowman
Head of Marketing & Digital

"Thank you David for such a well organised Sydney Chief Digital Officer Summit event. A pleasure and privilege to participate. All the best for your next events - and a bit of a break before it!"

Jon Cumming
ACT Government
Chief Digital Officer

"Many thanks for the opportunity to participate in your Sydney Chief Digital Officer Summit. It was a really high quality event - it was a privilege to be part of it."

Simon Want

“Sometimes a conference comes along that hits the trifecta – hot topic, high-caliber attendees, and stellar location. The first Chief Digital Officer Summit reached that mark with ease, and I look forward to attending the next one.”

Eric Hellweg
Managing Director, Digital Strategy/Editorial Director
Harvard Business Review

“The best-organized conference I’ve been to in years, the Chief Digital Officer Summit was packed with smart people and smart ideas. Leave ‘em wanting more is what they say, and David Mathison and his team delivered. Now, we want more!”

Professor Sree Sreenivasan
Chief Digital Officer
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

“Congratulations and thanks to David Mathison for spotting the need for community and collaboration in the growing Chief Digital Officer space, and for having the wherewithal, network, and organizational talent to put together such a top-notch event in its inaugural year. Next year’s summit should be even more of a must-do for anyone working digital at senior levels in all kinds of businesses.”

Teddy Goff
Digital Director
President Barack Obama 2008 and 2012

“Thanks to David Mathison for his leadership in setting up the inaugural Chief Digital Officer Summit. It was nice to be among my digital colleagues and to share our experiences.”

Albert Cheng
Chief Operating Officer
Amazon Studios

“I was thrilled to be part of this groundbreaking event.  Never have I seen in one place a collection of Chief Digital Officers and other senior executives in this fairly new and unique role. It was great to meet one another and learn of the innovations going on at other companies.”

Rosemary Maggiore
Rachael Ray Digital

“Congratulations on an absolutely fantastic inaugural Chief Digital Officer conference. Between the incredibly smart agenda (from start to finish), the very insightful and highly relevant research/content, the all-star lineup of speakers, and David Mathison’s terrific moderation of the panels and schedule overall, this was one really amazing day! It must be gratifying to know that all of your hard work over the last 18 months resulted in such a successful outcome and greatly appreciated by everyone in attendance. Thanks for a great day!!!”

Riley McDonough
SVP/GM Reuters Consumer Media
Thomson Reuters

“A hearty congratulations to David Mathison for creating and flawlessly executing the first Chief Digital Officer Summit! Great discussion topics, terrific speakers, and equally impressive attendees. Felt good to be in a room where using your smartphone, tablet, and/or laptop was encouraged — even while people were speaking.”

Scott Singer
Managing Director
Discover Digital Group

“Great conference, David Mathison! The topics were relevant, the panelists and speakers top notch, the setting was intimate, and the connections were truly valuable for any senior executive in the digital space. Thanks for pulling it together. I really look forward to attending next year.”

Lisa Choi Owens
Chief Revenue Officer and Director

“Congratulations on an exceptional first CDO Summit. I truly enjoyed all the panel discussions as well as the intimate environment where I was able to meet such amazing people. The conversations were very enlightening and touched on all the challenges my team and I face on a technology, content, and culture front. I look forward to participating next year.”

Laxmi Wordham
Chief Digital Officer
The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research

“I want to thank David Mathison and congratulate his team on what was an exceptional inaugural Chief Digital Officer Summit. The speakers, content, attendees and overall experience was phenomenal. I have attended countless conferences/summits all over the planet – and this was truly world-class. Well done!”

Janet Scardino
Digital Media Executive

“The Chief Digital Officer Summit was engaging as much as it was informative. Bringing these incredible leaders together in one place and for one day speaks to David Mathison’s extensive network, his ability to understand the needs of his clients, and to be ahead of the curve in this important space. It was a great use of my time, and I learned more than I ever thought I would. Great networking as well!”

Sandy Soto
VP Executive Talent Acquisition

“The Chief Digital Officer Summit was one of the best run, smartest, and most informative conferences I’ve ever attended. David Mathison may be on the verge of becoming the Marvin Miller of the digital media space, taking a wide field of stars and helping them evolve as superstars. It is a pivotal moment in the sophistication and recognition of Digital executives as the future leaders and CEOs in our culture.”

Dan Beck
Dan Beck Enterprises, LLC

“Congratulations to David Mathison and his team on the simply amazing job they did on the inaugural Chief Digital Officer Summit. Probably the most informative, insightful, on target, entertaining, collaborative, thought provoking, and inspiring conferences I have ever attended. I learned more about my business and what I do in the past 12 hours than I have from any research white paper, articles or blogs over the past 12 months. The range of topics and speakers assembled were incredibly diverse, informative, collaborative, and most of all, inspiring. It has invigorated me to be the best possible professional CDO I can be. David Mathison’s skills as a moderator were impeccable, bringing out the best of the speakers and keeping the conversation flowing. His intimate and insightful knowledge of this space is only out-shined by his humility and graciousness. Kudos to David and his organizing team.”

Mark Keys
Vice President, Client Solutions
Moving Interactive

"It was wonderful to attend this inaugural event. The Chief Digital Officer Summit exceeded my expectations and fostered an atmosphere where the right conversations were taking place with the right people. A huge thank you to David Mathison for putting together what will become a staple event in the international digital space."

“Thank you, David Mathison for a fantastic Chief Digital Officer Summit. It was awesome to meet all of these leading digital thinkers who really care about, and often dramatically improve, their large organisations’ core business. Yes, I think the CDO deals with the new business core in most companies!"

Ola Tiverman
Chief Executive Officer
Admeta (Gothenburg, Sweden)

“Congratulations to David Mathison for putting together a unique conference that focuses on the role of the Chief Digital Officer in corporate America, already the key driver of growth in most companies today. It was a pleasure putting together the Music panel, and hearing the perspectives of all the participants during the day.”

Dick Wingate
Digital Entertainment Ventures

“The inaugural Chief Digital Officer Summit exceeded my expectations. CDO’s from multiple industries discussed top-level strategy, from what tasks CDO’s handle themselves, to optimal reporting structures, skill sets, and educational & vocational backgrounds. When everyone is asking “what does a CDO do?” and you can hear first-hand their responses and challenges, this Summit was time well spent. I am looking forward to the next one!”

Paul Stefunek
Chairman & Founding Partner
Paul-lawrence associates

“David Mathison did a great job with the inaugural Chief Digital Officer Summit. The summit had a fantastic lineup of speakers and equally high-quality audience, making it one of the must-attend event in the digital world.”

Tristan Louis

“With the inevitable, increasing and Disruptive evaporation of physical media, the Chief Digital Officer Summit provided a glimpse into the future of where the rubber once met the road to where the road now meets the CLOUD. This integration of multiple platforms of digital media is a vital understanding for anyone desiring to stay relevant in the job scene.”

Sharlene Spingler
Associate Publisher
O’Dwyer’s Public Relations News

“The Chief Digital Officer Summit was one of the most informative events I have ever been to. As CEO it is extremely important for me as a leader of my organization to acknowledge that “digital talent” is an essential tool to build our future, especially for “not for profits” which lack a million dollar plus budget for marketing. It was an honor to witness all these great minds in one room. Deeply impacted, I already cleared my calendar for the next Summit. David Mathison has started a legacy that will be forever fueled by the growing need of digital talent in this era and the new eras to come!”

Sattie Persaud
World Heritage Cultural Organization

“The Chief Digital Officer Summit was outstanding. Why? Candid panels with top players in the digital community. Splendid break-time conversations. And, savvy facilitation, Mathison Style.”

Margaret Molloy
Chief Marketing Officer

“If you are a CDO, you just can’t miss the Chief Digital Officer Summit. I was amazed at the exceptional level of attendees, especially considering that it was the first edition. The cream of the cream was there and that high level of executives allowed me to establish several important contacts which have developed into two new avenues of digital growth that we are actively working on. Inspirational cases from CDOs in other industries was the icing on the cake.  I can’t wait to attend the second edition. Thanks David”

Fernando Samaniego
Chief Digital Officer and Advisor
Board at GFR Media
Chief Digital Officer and Advisor

“The Chief Digital Officer Summit was the single best investment of my time and our company’s resources in the past year. High quality, high impact content delivered by the executives who are shaping their respective industries in a remarkably well organized and networking-friendly format.”

Rana DiOrio
Founder & CEO
Little Pickle Press, Inc.

“Your inaugural Chief Digital Officer Summit was nothing short of awesome! From start to finish it was content-rich and cutting-edge. All the attendees shared best practices, and the keynoters and panelists provided wonderful morsels of learning. Everyone was so collaborative and respectful – which is the hallmark of a successful, high-end event. You had a room full of powerful, dynamic personalities, yet they all pulled together to establish – with a deep sense of  reverence – the role of the CDO in various organizations.  Kudos to you!”

Robert Stack
Fame Coach
Fame Coach

“Congratulations on the inaugural Chief Digital Officer Summit. Rarely does a conference offer such high caliber content and attendees. Kudos to David Mathison on creating an event that sparked such great insights and conversation.”

Linda Perry-Lube
Chief Digital Officer
RF | Binder

“The Chief Digital Officer Summit was a special topic with special speakers and attendees. But most importantly it was you, David, with your personal commitment who made this event an outstanding one. Thank you for it!”

Jörg Malang
Former Chief Product Officer

“The Chief Digital Officer Summit was a very relevant topic for today’s times. I was impressed by the caliber and diversity of the panel speakers, all of whom had something unique and valuable to offer. A great opportunity to learn from the best.”

Amanda Jones-Orengo
Towers Watson

“I just wanted to say thank you for hosting such a wonderful event and inviting me to participate.  To see shared and divergent challenges across industry verticals was truly enlightening.”

Angela Wei
Chief Digital Officer
Arnold NY

“David, here’s a handy C^3 test for conference value: Did I learn at least three new perspectives? Check. Did I meet at least three interesting people? Check. Did I take back at least three relevant pieces of news I can use? Check. Flying colors for the Chief Digital Officer Summit 2013! Thank you so much, and yes, I’d be very pleased to participate next year!”

Perry Hewitt
Chief Digital Officer
Harvard University

“Congratulations on the tremendous success of the inaugural Chief Digital Officer Summit. It was, in a word, fantastic. Outstanding content, engaging conversations and great networking — truly one of the better conferences that I’ve ever attended. The event did more than just explore the current and future reality of the Chief Digital Officer role, it delved into the impact that digital is having across multiple industries. The quality of both content and attendees delivered tremendous insight — both strategic and tactical — on paths to success in a digital world.”

Mayer Danzig
Chief Digital Officer
Kantar Retail
Chief Digital Officer

“The Chief Digital Officer Summit was one of those rare conferences that was so engaging the audience fixated on the speakers, rather than on multitasking.”

Jason Seiken
Senior Vice President/General Manager
PBS Digital

“Congratulations to David Mathison, curator of the Chief Digital Officer Summit. It was an amazing day spent listening to some of the greatest minds across a wide spectrum of the digital media universe share their expertise. Chadick Ellig was proud to be a sponsor of this inaugural summit, and we look forward to the next event!”

Janice Ellig
Chief Executive Officer
Chadick Ellig
Chief Executive Officer

“Congratulations and thank you for an amazing Chief Digital Officer Summit. Coming all the way from Sweden, one might understand that our expectations were set skyhigh, yet curator David Mathison exceeded those by miles. Very well organized, great attendees and great location – please promise to invite us next time David!”

Alexander Edström
Chief Revenue Officer
Admeta (Gothenburg, Sweden)

"Great experience at the CDO Summit in NYC. Hats off to David Mathison (@BeTheMedia) and the organizers for getting so many incredible digital leaders in one room, year after year."

Ryan Bonifacino
CMO & SVP Digital
Alex and Ani

"Congratulations on a great NYC CDO Summit, and thank you for including me on such a prestigious panel covering the important topic of big data."

John Caldwell
SVP Market Development & Business Operations
NeuStar, Inc
SVP Market Development & Business Operations

“Thank you for an intense and inspiring U.K. CDO Summit. The content and networking were well worth the trip and investment.”

Daniel Ebneter
Chief Digital Officer
Hogrefe Publishing Group
Chief Digital Officer

“Our CEO came back raving about this year’s NYC CDO Summit. Congratulations on another huge success! Your CDO Summit just keeps getting bigger and better, and we are so happy to be a part of it!”

Christina Tabibian Gratz
Marketing & Research Manager
Chadick Ellig, Inc.
Marketing & Research Manager

“Thanks for everything you did to pull off the NYC CDO Summit. It was my first such Summit, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”

Tony Fross
VP of North America Practice Lead, Digital Advisory Services
Capgemini Consulting
VP of North America Practice Lead, Digital Advisory Services

“David Mathison’s expertise regarding data, digital, and the Chief Digital Officer function is unmatched. If you are a business leader who cares about the future of digital and the ever-evolving CDO function, join the revolution and become a part of the CDO Club and Summit.”

Jay Rosenzweig
Rosenzweig & Company

"Huge congratulations on an awesome inaugural U.K. CDO Summit. I cannot believe how much you worked into the programme! The quality was exceptional. In addition to incredible content, I also connected and networked with some great attendees. The CDO summit was an amazing achievement, you should be very proud."

Tony Henderson
Business Lead Europe for Content Protection, Microsoft PlayReady
Business Lead Europe for Content Protection, Microsoft PlayReady

"I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the NYC CDO Summit. I met and listened to a talented group of my peers, amazed by their outstanding accomplishments; I got a sense of what they all had in common. Delivering value to consumers and companies’ bottom lines, is ultimately what today’s CDO’s are about. It was a privilege to be in the room with and learn from the kind of people who are blazing the trail."

Todd Unger
Chief Digital Officer
Daily Racing Form
Chief Digital Officer

"Thanks for curating the NYC CDO Summit. It was a great show. I enjoyed all the keynote speakers and panels."

Joe Johnston
VP Experience Innovation
Universal Mind
VP Experience Innovation

“Thank you for curating an incredible experience at the NYC CDO Summit!”

Brian Manning
President & Chief Digital Officer
Centric Digital
President & Chief Digital Officer

“The opportunity to keynote at the inaugural U.K. CDO Summit in London was once in a lifetime experience. As the world’s youngest CDO, I learned valuable lessons from other digital leaders and gained a greater sense of confidence and energy leaving the event.

Gordon Ching
Chief Digital Officer
Chief Digital Officer

“Thank to everyone at the NYC CDO Summit for a wonderful discussion on the Big Data panel. And thank you very much David Mathison for having us -- it was a pleasure!”

Haile Owusu
Chief Data Scientist
Chief Data Scientist

"Thanks for hosting a splendid inaugural U.K. CDO Summit!"

Narry Singh
Narry Singh
Head of Digital Business
Accenture EALA
Head of Digital Business

“You did a fine job at the U.K. CDO Summit, David. I like your business model, manner, pace, and approach - it's very likeable"

Thomas Power
Non Executive Board Member
Non Executive Board Member

"Thanks for putting on such an informative and impressive CDO Summit. It was my first time attending, and will be back next year."

Ken Rohman
Principal, Chief Digital Officer
Principal, Chief Digital Officer

"The NYC CDO Summit was an awesome day - content - speakers - learnings. Everything."

Jo Ann Saitta
Chief Digital Officer
The CDM Group
Chief Digital Officer

“Thanks for using the IBM Engagement Center power by IBM Watson and the MutualMind social media analytics platform, at your NYC CDO Summit. With a crowd that size, I have never seen so many social media posts come through in one day! Also, never seen such a well presented and compiled Tweet Sheet, to make it easier for participants to socialize the event.”

Matthew Denning
Marketing Event Specialist
Marketing Event Specialist

"Thank you very much for organizing a great NYC CDO Summit. I thoroughly enjoyed it."

Dr. Didier Bonnet
SVP & Global Practice Leader
Capgemini Consulting
SVP & Global Practice Leader

“Bravo David Mathison and his team for curating such an excellent event at the inaugural U.K. CDO Summit.”

Lisa Telford
Head of Media & Entertainment Practice
Odgers Berndtson
Head of Media & Entertainment Practice

"Thanks for an excellent NYC CDO Summit. You have created an impressive event and community."

Alexander van Boetzelaer
Managing Director R&D Solutions, Elsevier
RELX Group
Managing Director R&D Solutions, Elsevier

"Exciting talks on Data Science in an unique business atmosphere. It was an inspiring CDO Summit in London. Many thanks to David Mathison and everyone involved making this great platform possible."

Hendrik Stange
Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems IAIS
Senior Data Scientist/ Manager

“The U.K. CDO summit was a very informative and jam packed day. Your team was extremely helpful and welcoming. Social media and the hashtag #CDOSummitUk was very hot that day - great social media engagement by all!”

Michelle Beer
Ferry Cake Marketing & PR Consultancy
Founder/Chief Marketing Consultant

“Congratulations to you and your team for a great inaugural U.K. CDO Summit yesterday. I’m still digesting all the gobbets of information!” via Twitter

Edward Qualtrough
CIO UK online editor

Be The Media Published 2008-2013:

“David Mathison's BE THE MEDIA offers the preposterous idea that broadcasting and publishing need not be exclusive to industrial titans. You (yes, he means you) can take the "big" out of "media" and return this most important feature of democracy to the people. The practical advice offered in this book are ideas whose time has come ... and none too soon. For those who've come to understand that the "news" and what's hot in popular culture are decisions made by large corporations, this book is must reading. Here is the hand book for those Americans who want to join and help lead the revolution that is urgently returning to the people, the power of conveying information to a populace starved for new ideas from outside the box of big business commercialism.”

Phil Donahue

“We love good books, and when we find one that can help people create social change, increase their philanthropic capabilities, and become more personally empowered, we want to share that book with others. BE THE MEDIA is one of those books. It’s an encyclopedic how-to handbook that can equip anyone with insider knowledge about modern media – how to create it and use it to bring your message to the people you’re trying to reach. This is practical information with endless applications for the people and organizations that The Harnisch Foundation supports. We knew this book could help nonprofits. We knew this book could help aspiring journalists. We knew this book could help teachers. So we have underwritten the distribution of thousands of copies of BE THE MEDIA to schools, nonprofits, women's causes, and other individuals whose work we want to encourage and support.”

Ruth Ann Harnisch
The Harnisch Foundation

"BE THE MEDIA is the 'Whole Earth Catalog' for independent media."

Steven Piersanti
Berrett-Koehler Publishers

"BE THE MEDIA brings together a remarkable group of independent thinkers and media executives to create a provocative preview of the future of media."

Alexander Hungate
Former Chief Marketing Officer

"BE THE MEDIA is uplifting and empowering."

Tim Wu
Columbia University Law Professor. Chairman

"Gone are the days when we must bow at the altar of traditional media, genuflect, and then pray that they give us publicity for our product, service, book or CD. David Mathison has explained how to do our own self-publishing and self-promotion and, often, reach far more people than the traditional media could. Anyone who has ever had a grovel to catch the attention of frazzled publishers, busy record company executives, haughty book publishers or grumpy newspaper editors will love this book."

Joan Stewart
Publicity Expert
The Publicity Hound

"If BE THE MEDIA didn't exist, like Voltaire's God, it would have to be invented. David Mathison has assembled a mind-boggling collection of essays by people on the front lines of producing independent media. Since we are rapidly on our way to a point where that could include just about everyone, this is a book everyone needs to read."

Robert McChesney
Co-founder, FreePress.net. Professor
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

“If you are going to play the game, it helps to know the rules. If you want ink and airtime for your book, you need to know how the System works. David Mathison’s BE THE MEDIA reveals the secrets.”

Dan Poynter
Author and Publisher
The Self-Publishing Manual (15th Edition)

"David Mathison's BE THE MEDIA is a text and bible on how modern methods permit every person and organization to reach an audience that only a few years ago was reserved for the multi-billion dollar media conglomerates. It is a reference for uninhibited and unlimited methods that use print, computers, and the whole spectrum of devices right at hand in almost every community and household. It shows how to spread ideas without the traditional massive presses, major networks and commercial studios."

Ben H. Bagdikian
The New Media Monopoly; Pulitzer prize-winning journalist; Dean Emeritus, Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley

"This book should be called 'BE BETTER THAN THE MEDIA.' It tells readers how to realize that dream radio program, published book, or independent movie. It doesn't tell you how to break in - but how to break out. And it does it in the voices of those who have done it."

Adair Lara
Award-winning columnist
San Francisco Chronicle. Author of five books, including "Hold Me Close, Let Me Go" and "Normal is Just A Setting on the Dryer"

"David Mathison's BE THE MEDIA is the best overall resource available to help you build out your platform."

Rick Frishman
Planned Television Arts. Publisher, Morgan James Publishing

"Never has a book been better timed. This manifesto for the communications revolution is not New Media for Dummies. It's for smart, civically-engaged media producers and activists, and there are millions of us."

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Park Center for Independent Media
Ithaca College

"BE THE MEDIA's chapter on Licensing alone is worth the price of the book."

Steven Ekstract
Group Publisher
License! Global magazine

"Like the author himself, BE THE MEDIA is a unique and vital source of information, experience, and analysis that helps us to empower ourselves. Moving beyond the roles of media consumers who ingest what's dished out from on-high, those who take this book to heart and mind will gain essential tools and understanding for the struggles ahead -- to create media that enliven and democratize instead of numbing and stultifying. If we can learn to "be the media," the process will move us far down the road toward a society where public discourse and governance is truly of, by, and for the people."

Norman Solomon
Author; Nationally syndicated columnist; Exec Dir,
Inst for Public Accuracy

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Kimberly Weichel
Our Media Voice; Radio & TV producer; Author; Educator

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Adams-Blake Company, Inc.

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Rory O’Connor
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Globalvision, Inc, an independent international media firm.
Award-winning documentary filmmaker and journalist

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Peter Phillips
Project Censored

“Prior to the 21st century, the path to garnering or generating publicity and media awareness for a product or service was laborious and cost-prohibitive for many. The encyclopedic volume Be the Media seeks to identify the plethora of millennial electronic media outlets available, and put them into the hands of entrepreneurs, self-publishers, and anyone outside the mainstream who is seeking media access. Persons who are unable to hire a music producer, publisher, or media professional may use this volume to navigate the new media environment. The book includes submissions from academics, writers, consultants, and syndicators.

The first part, "The Personal Media Renaissance," is a how-to guide that helps readers navigate the world of radio, music, podcasting, videos, and film. Following this is "The Community Media Renaissance," which reviews public access, social networks, open source, and community radio. Practitioners, students, and others who are not afraid of hard work will find these articles inspiring and informative.

Those who want to take ownership of their media message without depending on traditional outlets should read this book.

Summing Up: Recommended. Large public libraries and some academic collections; upper-level undergraduates and above and general readers."

Anthony Todman
Associate Professor and Librarian
St John's University

"With the advent of Labor Day, everyone settles in to make the most of the remainder of the year in terms of whatever business they’re in. There is no end to books on management and sales theories and, frankly, in a changing competitive environment, they are probably needed.
Since I have made my living in public relations after abandoning fulltime journalism decades ago, I will begin with a recommendation of Be the Media: How to Create and Accelerate Your Message…Your Way ($34.95) by David Mathison with more than sixty contributors. Why does it have a hefty price? Because it is 536 pages of some of the smartest, best advice that authors, filmmakers, musicians, cartoonists, bloggers, and other creative types will find, but they are not alone. Policy makers, community organizers, educators and, just about anyone with a horn to blow will discover the power of podcasting, how to create and self-syndicate a radio show, how to promote your video using the Internet There’s a whole section on how to use the Internet for E-commerce, advice on how to license your ideas, and on and on and on! Crammed into this book is the kind of know-how it would otherwise take you a very long time to learn. Excited? Its official release is May 2009. Meanwhile you can visit www.BeTheMedia.com."

Al Caruba

David Mathison, "internationally recognized media expert" on distribution, presents twenty sections by various authors showing artists (columnists, authors, publishers, music producers, cartoonists, etc.) how to inexpensively create and widely distribute their content; discussions include podcasts, videoblogging, and the creation of public access TV shows "to give people the ability to program and distribute local, noncommercial programming."

Business & Economics
ForeWord Magazine

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There are nuggets of gold here for journalists, publishers, activists, broadcasters, marketers, publicists, licensors, and anyone who has something to promote, whether it's a product, a service, or a message. The information in this book empowers you and me to take control and get a wider audience than was ever possible even as little as five years ago. In fact David Mathison, the compiler of these articles written by a wide range of experts, chose self-publishing himself for this book instead of sharing the profit with a publisher. Instead, he is sharing the profits with anyone who wants to become an affiliate and help him sell the book..."

Elizabeth H. Cottrell
Freelance Writer,
Owner, RiverwoodWriter, LLC

“Since I got it, I haven’t been able to put this book down. BE THE MEDIA is off the charts, it is so phenomenal. I strongly recommend you get your own copy if you haven’t already. BE THE MEDIA is worth millions of dollars. If you implement every single media channel in this book over time in your business you are guaranteed phenomenal success. This book is going to stay right by my nightstand for a very long time. And it is going to be part of my business plan for a very long time because there are so many case studies and ideas that I can take and apply to my own business.”

Marlene Green
CEO, Millionaire Blueprints City Magazines;
Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle NYC/NJ Chapters

"There are very few business books I keep front and center on my bookshelf, but Be The Media has earned a spot on mine. It is a thoroughly comprehensive reference source that even gave me some new ideas, and taught me some new tricks. David Mathison's empowered concept of retaining control of your content, message and media is completely in synch with my own work in the field of infopreneuring, and I am thrilled to be a colleague of someone who "gets it."

If you create any kind of content, or have any message to get out to the masses, Be The Media is a must-have!"

Melanie Jordan
Everybody's Infopreneur Coach,
Author of "What You Know Is Worth More Than You Know™"

"David has actually written the book that I've been waiting for! A simple, straightforward, plain English, "how-to" that mixes practical solutions with philosophical underpinnings that can help anyone understand the tectonic shift we're seeing in every aspect of the cultural genesis of creativity."

Stephen Wilmarth
Curriculum21: New Essential Curriculum for 21st Century Learners (ASCD)

"As an independent journalist, who has fought for years to illuminate the darkest corners of equatorial Africa—where fraud, murder, rape, betrayal and multi-national interests make their mercenary beds—Be the Media is more than a godsend. It is an avenging angel of mercy. I carry it with me wherever I go, and not a day goes by that I cannot learn something new. Dave’s excellent book has also served my “hobby” well. As a stress reducer, I try to help independent musicians in my down time. Music feeds my soul, but corporations have been devouring the heart and soul of independent artistry for decades. This levels the playing field and with Dave’s help I am teaching my friends how to win the game."

Georgianne Nienaber
Investigative journalist.
Author of "Gorilla Dreams: The Legacy of Dian Fossey" and "Horse Sense." Regular contributor to Huffington Post.

"Two weeks ago I started a summer internship at an international organization that works with the UN and the Congress. The goal is to introduce the organization to the social media sphere and strengthen its presence in the web. When I started to write the communications strategy for them I used BE THE MEDIAto come up with ideas. Let me tell you: It was really helpful!! The section about blogs in your book helped put it in plain words so they can understand how an organization can approach blogging for the first time. Right now, I have Be The Media at the office as a reference book for this project."

Jose Bayona
Freelance journalist

"BE THE MEDIA is the one book I recommend to every artist, writer or musician I know. Heck, I tell anyone who wants to be in control of their careers to pick up this book. It is the ultimate in one-stop shopping for information on how to produce your own radio show, publish your own book, or get your music in front of the public. David Mathison has crafted a wonderful resource for all creative people who want to keep control of their work."

Sandra Lee Schubert
Radio Host, Producer, Writer
Wild Woman Network: Conversations with Creative Vagabonds, Thinkers and Innovators

"I have my students read BE THE MEDIA for my class on Multimedia Journalism. The chapters on Blogs, Video, and Participatory Journalism are required reading."

Steve Fox
Lecturer/Multimedia Journalism Coordinator
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

"As we say in Massachusetts BE THE MEDIA is "wicked good." I keep it on my desk as a handy reference guide."

Janet Spurr
Beach Chair Diaries

"Be the Media is great! I can see it really making a difference and shifting the tools and the paradigms and the structure of power in this country and the world. I will be recommending this book to my friends and colleagues. Thanks to David Mathison for doing this tremendous work."

Michael Wong
Vice President
Veterans for Peace (San Francisco Chapter)

"I've been in publishing as a reporter, a newspaper columnist, and an author - it seems like 1,000 years! David Mathison's BE THE MEDIA is the most exciting concept I've seen at Book Expo America this year."

Bonnie Kogos

"Thank you David Mathison for compiling all these resources, and for your variety of inspiring quotes. I see our books being classics as they both provide others with the skills and tools to move forward in their lives. You deserve all your successes."

Rosalyn Cherry
"Be Clutter Free"

"We've spent some time with BE THE MEDIA already, and are confident that it will be a valuable resource. Thank you for producing such a great book, and for all the additional gifts. Our only problem is determining where to start - not a bad problem to have!"

Scott & Brigitte Rouleau
Morsel Munk Word Stump, and Owners of Morsel Munk, LLC

"I began my work in media in 1972 as a television camera operator for WCTV. Since then I have never seen a text, guide or college class that provides the information that anyone can use to control their media message so completely. Actually, unless you were a very wealthy person, until now it was impossible. BE THE MEDIA CHANGES EVERYTHING! For politicians and activists too: anyone running for office or any activist with a cause must make BE THE MEDIA a priority for all campaign staff. It should be required reading before a politician ever even announces their candidacy."

Curtis Walker
2008 Delegate
Democratic National Convention

"BE THE MEDIA is a wonderful resource. I'm really impressed! I also appreciate your post-purchase telephone follow-up with readers. Not enough sellers know the value of that in building customer loyalty. It's gold. Funny you should contact me today, as I was just promoting the book to someone I met last night at a small business gathering."

Kim Randolph
Community media talk show host

"I heard David Mathison speak at a meeting of the Publishers Association of Los Angeles. Got a sharper focus on social media such as Digg, FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., and on the connections between them. Drove home and ordered his book, BE THE MEDIA."

Les Boston
Stone and Scott, Publishers

"Be The Media is one of those books you want all of your family and friends to know about — I can’t stop talking about the impact is has had on me. It reinforced my belief that I can make a living with what I love — writing, editing, social media, and blogging. I know so many talented people who are struggling to make ends meet, and I want them to all profit from reading this eye-opening, encouraging book full of invaluable advice and resources."

Dagmar Bleasdale
imPROOF and Dagmar's momsense

"BE THE MEDIA is amazing, not only for its "how to," but for the social consciousness behind your obvious mission to empower people, and for how well you document the trail of financial support for mainstream media. I also found Chapter 3 "Making Music" fascinating. It further documents how important it is to teach the way the student learns; the applications in our schools are without limits. When I read Be The Media cover to cover, I know I will continue to discover more of its incredible insights and merits."

Laura Keegan
Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy: A Photographic Guide for Mom and Those Who Help Her

"I loved BE THE MEDIA so much that I gave it to my husband for our 29th wedding anniversary, because he already has everything else!"

Barbara Lichtman

"I bought BE THE MEDIA, read the first 3 chapters, and ordered yet another book for my father. I found the book to be innovative, inspirational and simply the most comprehensive look at the implications of new media technology. Now that I've finished the book, I'm trying to implement many of the literally hundreds of ideas Mr. Mathison set forth. I've never read anything that has so captured the implications of the technological innovations of the last 20 years. Truly excellent work!"

Carl Kustell
Former Congressional Aide, Founder of Contact Media, LLC

“Being a novice and working with Public Access facilities, this book has far more information in one place than I ever imagined existed. BE THE MEDIA is the golden reference guide. It is the perfect size to readily open, and it is comfortable and a comfort to behold. A book that challenges citizens - to gain more understanding and knowledge of the technology and movement that is evolving. It is an exciting book on the edge of a paradigm shift that refuses to be exclusive. For people who live out in rural areas, with limited access to technology aids or other persons for reference and help - here they are. They are all right here. I love this book. BE THE MEDIA has become a friend. Many thanks!”

Martha Spiess

"I am a True Fan of Be The Media! It will be helpful to so many folks, which is why I bought three copies. One copy will go to my local public library in Floyd, Virginia. Floyd has lots of independent artists, musicians, and craftspeople with a "can do" spirit. It is one of the few rural communities with high speed internet access because the folks here didn't like begging the phone companies for service, so they formed their own telephone cooperative. Since BE THE MEDIA has chapters on Community Broadband, Community Radio, and Community Media Centers, the book is going to take things to a new level for us."

Star Womanspirit



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