What Happened in New York? The IBM CDO Summit NYC 2023!

On Tuesday, June 20, 2023, the IBM CDO Summit NYC 2023 was held at 75 Rockefeller Plaza in New York, N.Y. with a packed house filled with senior data, AI, and analytics executives from some of the world’s most prestigious organizations. 

The IBM CDO Summit was kicked off by Dr. Liliana Horne, PhD, Director of AI Accelerator, Global Chief Data Office at IBM, who welcomed the delegates. 

The opening keynote discussion was delivered by Inderpal Bhandari, PhD, Global Chief Data Officer at IBM on “The CDO’s Role in AI.”

The first panel of the day explored “The Right Data Foundation Sells Itself: How to ensure data users have a clear line of sight from data to value” and was moderated by Tim Davis, Executive Director, Data and AI Architecture, IBM.

The panel explored how data literacy is the next evolution of computer literacy, and the four foundations of a data literate organization that facilitate adoption of your data strategy.

Panelists included:

  • Anjali Gupta Reddi, Chief Data Officer, Dow Jones
  • Arun Kumar, Chief Data and Marketing Technology Officer, Interpublic Group
  • Eric Hirschhorn, Chief Data Officer, BNY Mellon
  • Gary Kotovets, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Dun & Bradstreet

Delegates then took a break for lunch, networking with colleagues and peers, and a review of watsonx from IBM representatives.

IBM also convened a separate networking lunch for Women in Data and Analytics in the boardroom, which was led by Dr. Liliana Horne, PhD, Director of AI Accelerator, Global Chief Data Office at IBM.

Following lunch, Inderpal Bhandari was joined by Nickle LaMoreaux, Senior Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer, IBM, for a Fireside Chat to discuss “Extremely Engaged Collaboration: How does a CDO work with a CHRO to implement AI in HR processes?

Next up was the panel on “Responsible AI in Practice,” moderated by Saira Jesani, Deputy Executive Director, Data & Trust Alliance, and Partner at SYPartners.

Panelists did a deep dive into the business value data governance delivers as it expands to address privacy, security, and many aspects of AI—from regulatory compliance to workflow innovations.

Panelists included:

  • Travis Carpenter, Vice President, Data Sources, Mastercard (On “Data Provenance”)
  • Richard Andrews, Senior Counsel, Transcarent (On “M&A of AI-centric businesses”)
  • Meredith Feiner, Talent Managing Director, HR Strategy & Transformation, Deloitte (On “Algorithmic Bias in HR”)

The final session of the day, titled “What’s Next In AI For Business: Foundation models, large language models and generative AI,” was presented  by Nicholas Fuller, PhD, Vice President, Automation and Edge, IBM Research, IBM. 

The event was wrapped up by Dr. Liliana Horne, PhD, before everyone headed towards the networking reception.

Thank you to everyone for making this event a success, including all delegates, speakers, and participants.

Big thanks to the organizers, and especially our sponsor, team IBM!

See you next time!

All Photos by David Lubarsky Photography: https://www.davidlubarsky.com


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