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Our Executive Search team places exceptional leaders at incredible organizations.

For example, in 2022 we placed the new Chief Data Officer at Dow Jones.

We are committed to providing CHROs and Talent Managers with qualified executives, and simultaneously giving our members the tools they need to excel in their jobs, and, when appropriate, to find new opportunities.

The following sets us apart from traditional executive search firms:

  • We have a thorough and intimate understanding of the global digital, data, and analytics talent markets.
  • We know which companies are hiring for digital and data leaders, all over the world.
  • We help companies identify and place digital/data leaders for CEO, Board Director and Non-Executive Director (NED) roles.
  • We have direct access to 5,000+ CDO Club registered members, part of our extensive database of qualified executives. And our global email list over 110,000 subscribers.
  • We leverage our global CDO Summits to identify and showcase the world’s leading digital and data executives. Summits have been held in NYC (our 8th year), London, Sydney, Tokyo, Tel Aviv (3rd years), Amsterdam, Istanbul, Washington DC, Toronto, and Madrid (2nd year), Boston, and San Francisco (1st year). Summits are also planned for Bangalore, Berlin, Dubai, Mumbai, and Singapore.
  • Our publications and research, such as the first-ever CDO Talent Map (2013), and our May 2018 report with Bain Capital on “101 CDOs Who Have Become CDO” have made us the definitive ‘go-to’ resource on digital and data leaders for recruiters, CHROs, hiring managers, analysts, and the press/media.
  • Our twice-monthly CDO JOBS Update emailers provide a unique, exclusive, and powerful look at three important stats: CDOs who have been hired each month, the companies that are looking to hire CDOs, and CDOs in the news. It is further proof that we have our finger on the pulse of this rapidly evolving market.
  • The services above enable us to create pre-qualified, pre-vetted “short lists” of candidates that allow us to source and place candidates quickly, for even the most challenging leadership roles, without sacrificing candidate quality.

If you are in charge of securing digital/data talent at your organization, or if you are an executive looking for your next career opportunity, contact us in complete confidence:

Below you will find dozens of open C-level digital positions. You need to be at minimum a GOLD CDO Club member to view the rest of this page......

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"I hired David to help source and appoint a New Media Director. At our first meeting I was impressed with David's knowledge of the field and his ability to easily understand the nuanced needs of our organization. David appreciated our need to move on this quickly and within a couple of weeks he was able to present top quality candidates. For those of us who have worked with large global search firms who take eight weeks to present a first slate, David's approach was nimble and responsive and did not trade-off the quality of candidates. Clearly he has a strong network to call on. David managed our needs and candidates' needs with regular and thorough feedback. In the end we had a good problem - a few superb finalists. I highly recommend David as a search partner for professional/executive level positions."

“I write to express my appreciation for your participation in yesterday's meeting on social media and for your valuable contribution to our efforts to embrace new media at the United Nations. I note with interest your innovative ideas, such as harnessing the willingness of the public to work on special projects. As you have rightly pointed out, people are eager to find connections and to align themselves with a worthy cause. This, indeed, carries a great potential, and I hope that in the coming months we are successful in translating those ideas into action.”

“David Mathison is one of the top speakers to visit campus in my 21 years at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He was comfortable collaborating with students, faculty and professionals. Omaha Press Club Foundation board members rated him very highly. David helped our faculty to understand the huge changes underway in the media business. Less than one month after his visit, we had rewritten the mission, vision and goals statements for the entire School of Communication to reflect a new way of thinking about our media curriculum. David helped us to get there.”

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