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Open CHIEF DIGITAL OFFICER and CHIEF DATA OFFICER positions are posted below.

Our Executive Search team places exceptional leaders at incredible organizations.

We are committed to providing CHROs and Talent Managers with qualified executives, and simultaneously giving our members the tools they need to excel in their jobs, and, when appropriate, to find new opportunities.

The following sets us apart from traditional executive search firms:

  • We have a thorough and intimate understanding of the global digital and data talent market.
  • We know which companies are hiring for digital and data leaders, all over the world.
  • We help companies identify and place digital/data leaders for CEO, Board Director and Non-Executive Director (NED) roles.
  • We have direct access to 5,000+ CDO Club registered members, part of our extensive database of qualified executives. And our global email list is five times that size.
  • We leverage our global CDO Summits to identify and showcase the world’s leading digital and data executives. Summits have been held in NYC (our 8th year), London, Sydney, Tokyo, Tel Aviv (3rd years), Amsterdam, Istanbul, Washington DC, Toronto, and Madrid (2nd year). Summits are also planned for Bangalore, Berlin, Dubai, Mumbai, and Singapore.
  • Our publications and research, such as the first-ever CDO Talent Map (2013), and our May 2018 report with Bain Capital on “101 CDOs Who Have Become CDO” have made us the definitive ‘go-to’ resource on digital and data leaders for recruiters, CHROs, hiring managers, analysts, and the press/media.
  • Our twice-monthly CDO JOBS Update emailers provide a unique, exclusive, and powerful look at three important stats: CDOs who have been hired each month, the companies that are looking to hire CDOs, and CDOs in the news. It is further proof that we have our finger on the pulse of this rapidly evolving market.
  • The services above enable us to create pre-qualified, pre-vetted “short lists” of candidates that allow us to source and place candidates quickly, for even the most challenging leadership roles, without sacrificing candidate quality.

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Open Chief DATA Officer positions are posted below.

Title: Chief Data Officer
Organization: Office for National Statistics
Location: Fareham, London, Newport
Reports to: TBA
Contact: More information
Description: The CDO will play a key role in maximizing the use of alternative data sources to enable the Office of National Statistics (ONS) to deliver its strategy of ‘Statistics for the Public Good’. You will be an inspirational leader, experienced analyst, excellent negotiator, strategic thinker, and imaginative problem solver. You will lead a large team of technical data experts and project professionals and foster a network of data suppliers and analysts across Government and beyond.


Title: Chief Data Officer
Organization: Department of Commerce
Location: Silver Spring, MD
Reports to: TBA
Contact: More information
Description: Lead NOAA’s open data efforts, including coordination of how the agency creates integrated, interoperable data sets and products and provides these to the public. Leading a team of data practitioners in creating a culture of data sharing and coordinates dissemination activities across NOAA, and works collaboratively with the Department of Commerce Chief Data Officer to incorporate recommendations from the Commerce Data Governance Board.


Title: Chief Analytics Officer
Organization: People Trust
Location: Las Condes, CL
Reports to: TBA
Contact: More information
Description: Analyze all the Data, model and develop new and Business Lines, as well as make existing ones more efficient, allowing the integration of the different business units of the company.


Title: Chief Data and Analytics Officer
Organization: Mayo Clinic
Location: Any one of our Mayo Clinic sites in Arizona, Florida, or Rochester, MN
Reports to: TBA
Contact: More information
Description: The Chief Data and Analytics Officer is responsible for driving the Data and Analytics Department vision, strategy, and execution. Strives to ensure that the department is functioning to enable a data driven organization, the supporting capabilities to meet the needs of all organizational stakeholders, establish an environment of continuous improvement and high level of proficiency in Data & Analytics. The Chief Data and Analytics Officer ensures that the various Data and Analytics key functions and teams have their goals aligned with the organization’s mission, strategy, and objectives.


Title: Chief Data Officer
Organization: USAID
Location: Washington, D.C.
Reports to: Chief Information Officer
Contact: More information
Description: The CDO leads efforts to harness data from across operating units, implementing partners, and enterprise systems to support the Agency’s highest priorities, and maintains significant intra- and inter-agency coordination and representational responsibilities.


Title: Chief Data Officer
Organization: Clinical Management Consultants
Location: Harlingen, Texas
Reports to: Chief Executive Officer
Contact: More information
Description: The Chief Data Officer will be responsible to for a range of data related functions that include data management, ensuring data quality and creating data strategy. Responsible for Data Analytics and business intelligence, the process of drawing value insights from data. Responsible for strategic data priorities of the department, and will identify new organization opportunities based on existent and emergent data. Responsible for regulating how the organization captures, maintains and presents data and information on an organization level in order to measure performance.


Title: Chief Data Officer
Organization: Microsoft
Location: Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom
Reports to: TBA
Contact: More information
Description: The Chief Data Officer role is a senior sales leader and is part of the Leadership Team of the Microsoft Solutions organization. The Chief Data Officer leads, develops and drives solution opportunity revenue and market share by leveraging the Microsoft Data & Analytics solutions to meet our customers data modernization, analytics and IOT solution needs.


Title: Chief Data Officer
Organization: Manulife
Location: Hong Kong, HK
Reports to: TBA
Contact: More information
Description: Responsible for leading and executing a strategic roadmap for collecting, storing, processing and managing both segment & corporate data to support and enable advanced analytics/AI, business reporting, digital transformation and operational improvements all to help drive accelerated growth in Manulife’s Asia business. This involves (1) collaboratively working with different technology, risk & compliance and analytic teams across Asia and Global, (2) managing the operational activities for the regional instance of the Enterprise Data Lake, and (3) ensuring Group Functions requirements align and address Asia Segment’s business needs and requirements.


Title: Chief Data & Informatics Officer
Organization: University of Massachusetts Medical School
Location: Shrewsbury, MA, US
Reports to: Commonwealth Medicine Entity Information Officer
Contact: More information
Description: The Chief Data & Informatics Officer – MHE will serve as the organization’s catalyst to achieve innovation in the area of agency-wide data, informatics, and analytics. Oversee a 40-person data and analytics organization and serves as the key strategist to shape and drive the transformation of MassHealth’s core data and analytics infrastructure and systems. Provides strategic oversight of the Data Warehouse team and works closely with MassHealth leadership and the EOHHS Secretariat Chief Information Officer on various infrastructure elements necessary to implement data and analytics strategies.


Title: Chief Data Officer
Organization: Idealo
Location: Berlin, DE
Reports to: Management
Contact: More information
Description: In the position of CDO at Idealo, you are responsible for holistic data management across the entire value chain of idealo. With a technical understanding of the specific application, you are responsible for the strategic development of the systems and the tech stack for data processing. With Business Sense and a look at the needs of our internal and external customers, you enable the organization to optimally use data. You will find data-driven solutions that help us: increase our analytics, recommendation and prediction skills, better control our shop partners in a quality-oriented manner, get better customer insights, and give our customers only the relevant information.


Title: Chief Data & Analytics Officer (Ed-Tech)
Organization: Quotacom
Location: Stockholm County, Sweden
Reports to: CIO
Contact: More information
Description: Build and lead a specialist team of technical professionals in order to develop and deploy solutions which provide insights from data, while also supporting sales and marketing functions. Apply your big data, cloud, BI and Data Science technologies knowledge in building and implementing solutions to drive business success. Identify opportunities, in collaboration with the Executive Leadership Team, and apply the latest advancements in data-driven technology to build, test and validate innovative solutions. Provide first class Data & Analytics input to projects.Drive internal awareness and strategy for adoption of emerging technology and methodologies.


Title: Chief Data Officer
Location: Boston/London
Reports to: TBA
Contact: More information
Description: Provide bold strategic vision and leadership for all aspects of the data lifecycle at Wellington. Ultimately the data strategy should yield tangible business value, including enhanced client service, business growth, timely response to data queries, data security, and reduction of risk due to inaccurate or mis-used data. Seek to instill innovation through data and analytics to generate business insights that result in tangible benefits for our clients and the firm. Oversee the Enterprise Data Governance team and effectively prioritize, budget and manage timelines and expectations. Develop and maintain collaborative partnerships with business and technology leaders across all business units, the risk and compliance teams, and key stakeholders to ensure a strong understanding and adoption of the standards and expectations of the enterprise data program. Provide expertise in sourcing and managing total spend for external data. Oversee a team responsible for managing critical firm data. Establish an external network of peers to inform the strategy and influence negotiations.


Title: Chief Data Officer
Organization: Robert Walter
Location: Shenzhen, CN
Reports to: TBA
Contact: More information
Description: Responsible for delivery of multiple Global data and information management programmes, partner with business teams to help define the overall strategy and help deliver the objectives through data-led initiative, Lead the definition and delivery of data & information management solutions to satisfy business needs, while ensuring alignment with global data strategies, policies and standards. Deliver the goals outlined in the data strategy and data governance council, drives development of information infrastructure, and data management processes to move the organisation to a more sophisticated, agile and robust target state data architecture, Collaborate with security and data privacy to ensure the solutions being provided to the business teams meet the requisite standards within the country.


Title: Chief Data Officer
Organization: Sheetz
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Reports to: TBA
Contact: More information
Description: Sheetz is looking for an experienced Chief Data Officer who will have expertise in creating and driving business value and growth though the effective use data. Will be responsible for developing and administering Sheetz’ data and information strategy in order to facilitate and enhance organizational decision-making and data utilization across the company. In addition to leading a centralized Data and Analytics service, the CDO will develop data-related policies and procedures; design, improve, and streamline organizational data systems; and drive innovation in the area of enterprise-wide data science, analysis and visualization.


Title: Chief Data Scientist
Organization: ManTech
Location: Alexandria, VA, US
Reports to: TBA
Contact: More information
Description: ManTech, as a trusted mission partner of CBP, seeks a capable, qualified, and versatile Chief Data Scientist to lead the development and delivery of high-quality predictive modelling solutions. A successful applicant will serve as recognized Subject Matter Expert in the application of quantitative methods, machine learning algorithms, and predictive models to address complex national and homeland security challenges.


Title: Chief Data Officer
Organization: Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration
Location: Maryland, US
Reports to: Administrator
Contact: More information
Description: Leading a team of business analysts and database administrators to use data-driven techniques for solving business problems. Collecting and analyzing large amounts of structured and unstructured data; converting data into business insights for existing programs and recommendations for new efforts. Communicate information to business stakeholders and IT leaders using visualization, reports, data graphics, and other means.


Title: Chief Data Officer
Organization: Executive Office of Technology Services and Security
Location: Boston, MA, US
Reports to: TBA
Contact: More information
Description: EOTSS is seeking a Chief Data Officer (CDO) to be responsible for developing and governing our data and information strategy in order to drive organizational decisions and facilitate data sharing amongst state agencies and the public. The CDO will develop data procedures and policies, improve and streamline data systems within the organization, and drive innovation in the area of enterprise-wide data and analytics.




"I hired David to help source and appoint a New Media Director. At our first meeting I was impressed with David's knowledge of the field and his ability to easily understand the nuanced needs of our organization. David appreciated our need to move on this quickly and within a couple of weeks he was able to present top quality candidates. For those of us who have worked with large global search firms who take eight weeks to present a first slate, David's approach was nimble and responsive and did not trade-off the quality of candidates. Clearly he has a strong network to call on. David managed our needs and candidates' needs with regular and thorough feedback. In the end we had a good problem - a few superb finalists. I highly recommend David as a search partner for professional/executive level positions."

Samantha Gilbert
Chief Human Resources Officer
The Rockefeller Foundation

“I write to express my appreciation for your participation in yesterday's meeting on social media and for your valuable contribution to our efforts to embrace new media at the United Nations. I note with interest your innovative ideas, such as harnessing the willingness of the public to work on special projects. As you have rightly pointed out, people are eager to find connections and to align themselves with a worthy cause. This, indeed, carries a great potential, and I hope that in the coming months we are successful in translating those ideas into action.”

Kiyo Akasaka
Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information
United Nations

“David Mathison is one of the top speakers to visit campus in my 21 years at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He was comfortable collaborating with students, faculty and professionals. Omaha Press Club Foundation board members rated him very highly. David helped our faculty to understand the huge changes underway in the media business. Less than one month after his visit, we had rewritten the mission, vision and goals statements for the entire School of Communication to reflect a new way of thinking about our media curriculum. David helped us to get there.”

Jeremy Harris Lipschultz, Ph.D.
Professor & Director
School of Communication, The University of Nebraska at Omaha

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