After years of collecting data, enterprises are now focusing on making sense of it – forcing organizations to develop data-driven processes, policies and teams more rapidly than ever before.

Hosted by Insight Partners, ‘The Data Revolution’ event series brings together Chief Digital, Data, Analytics, and Technology Officers leading this revolution within their organizations.

Together we will dispel the myths, uncover the truths and provide actionable insights to help you build a data-driven company.

About Insight Partners:

Insight Partners is a leading global venture capital and private equity firm investing in enterprise-ready innovation. Vetting thousands of software companies each year, Insight Partners select only a handful of the best, characterized by a tested business model and validated product market fit. These are the innovative companies solving the problems of today and transforming the world we operate in.

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Speakers in the series include:

Anil Bhatt
SVP & Chief Technology Officer, Anthem Inc.
Cristina Cruz Aparicio
Data & Architecture Director | CDO,
Gautam Talagery
CTO Utilities,
Isha Bhatt
Chief Data Officer,
Volvo Cars
Jacky Wright
Chief Digital Officer,
Microsoft US
Jason Szczuka
Chief Digital Officer,


Juan Gorricho
Broadcom Inc. Vice President, Global Data & Business Intelligence,
Laureen Knudsen
Chief Transformation Officer,
Broadcom Inc.
Manish Mathur
Chief Data Officer, Digital Transformation & Advance Analytics Exec.,
Johnson & Johnson 
Matthew Timms
Chief Digital and Technology Officer & CEO,
E.ON Digital    
Michael Oppenheim
 VP, Data & Analytics,
Discover Financial Services
Murli Buluswar
Head of Analytics,
US Consumer Bank – Citi 
Noémie Ellezam
Chief Digital Strategy Officer – Group Innovation Division,
Société Générale
Robin Sutara
Chief Data Officer,
Microsoft UK 
George Matthew
Managing Director,

Insight Partners
Elizabeth van den Berg
Senior Vice President,

Insight Partners

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