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From Chief Digital Officer to CEO: 6 Tips from HarperCollinsUK CEO Charlie Redmayne

“The reason that I’m the CEO of HarperCollins is that my business is fundamentally challenged by the things that I do,” said Charlie Redmayne, CEO at HarperCollins U.K., at the inaugural U.K. Chief Digital Officer Summit at the BBC in London, England, on October 29, 2014. “All of our businesses are fundamentally challenged by the things […]

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Narry Singh

Four Capabilities Every Chief Digital Officer Must Have to Succeed at Digital Transformation [VIDEO]

After 12 years as an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, Narry Singh joined Accenture as its Head of Digital Business EALA, heading the firm’s digital strategy practice in Europe, Latin America, and Africa. He serves as an advisor to heavyweights such as Disney, Apple, and Walmart. Singh shared his knowledge in his keynote address, “From Digitally […]

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