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Top 5 Ways to Track Digital Transformation with Walmart, Humana, City of Boston, BBVA, Centric Digital [VIDEO]

“One of the things that people used to ask me when I arrived was: should we grow or should we be profitable?” said Anne Myong, Chief Financial Officer at Walmart eCommerce. “And I thought, is that a trick question?” There’s nothing harder than being honest with yourself… And that goes double for Chief Digital Officers, […]

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Digital Success Principles with Chief Digital Officers from IBM, SAP, and the City of Boston [VIDEO]

Create a list of your top success principles for digital transformation. Now, be honest: would your guidelines work in different industries and sectors, even non-profit or public sector? Do they apply to both incumbents as well as disruptors? To find if there are any common threads, we sat down with some of the top Chief […]

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Anne Myong

Look What Happened at the 4th Annual NYC Chief Digital Officer Summit

The CDO Club held its 4th annual NYC CDO Summit, presented by Centric Digital, on April 27, 2016, at Thomson Reuters in New York City. The CDO Summit addressed the challenges and opportunities arising from Big Data, the cloud, digital disruption, and social and mobile media, with an in-depth discussion surrounding the rising voice of the Chief […]

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Brian Manning 1

Transforming Traditional Businesses into Digital Leaders, with Centric Digital’s Brian Manning at the NYC CDO Summit on April 27

“From the mechanical innovations of the First Industrial Revolution to the emergence of computers and the Internet of the 3rd, the business world has been in a state of radical transformation since 1760,” explains Brian Manning, co-founder, president and CDO of Centric Digital. “We’re now moving into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which isn’t some lofty […]

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Brian Dearth 2

Driving and Measuring Digital Transformation at the NYC CDO Summit

If digital transformation has no end because it is said to be a journey, then how does a Chief Digital Officer measure success? The answer isn’t simple. Innovation is happening all the time, in every sector, with media, telecom, healthcare and financial services executives still anticipating “massive” change in the next 12 months. Leaders from […]

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