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What Chief Digital Officers Need to Know About Living Services, with Fjord’s Mark Curtis [VIDEO]

“We believe that digital is on the verge of a new era,” said Mark Curtis, Chief Client Officer at Fjord, during his opening keynote at the 2nd annual UK CDO Summit on Wednesday, October 7th, 2015 at 30 Euston Square in London, England, presented by Accenture Strategy. According to Curtis, the digitalization of everything will have […]

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Fast Forward to Being Digital: A Strategic Guide for CDOs

By Bruno Berthon: Global Managing Director Cross Industry Strategy, Accenture Strategy at Accenture It is one thing to acknowledge that digital technologies create new threats and even more opportunities. It is quite another to be sure that you have the right digital strategy in place to ride that wave of uncertainty. Business leaders across the world […]

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Jora GIll.

Chief Digital Officer of The Economist Jora Gill to keynote on “How to compete in a constantly changing digital world” at the U.K. CDO Summit

Jora Gill is proof that strategic thinking, innovation, and leadership abilities are three of the most important skills required of the Chief Digital Officer position. Gill is one of an increasing number of CTOs who have made the transition to CDO. Previously Chief Technology Officer at Elsevier and Standard and Poor’s, Gill became Chief Digital Officer […]

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Jacqueline de Rojas

Where Should Chief Digital Officers Focus Their Digital Transformation Efforts – Internally or Externally?

The verdict is in: every organization, regardless of sector or market, needs to embrace digital transformation to survive. Not only have 48% of successful companies relied on hiring specialist digital talent in the wake of disruption, but those who have digital masters are 26% more profitable than their competitors. But before spending your budget on […]

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Sarah Bentley

Is Big the Next Big Thing? Find out at the 2015 U.K. Chief Digital Officer Summit

What do you imagine when you hear the words “digital disruptor?” Is it a San Francisco-based startup coming into an established market and bankrupting 50-year old legacy organisations through revolutionary digital innovation? Such a characterization isn’t completely inaccurate, as since 2000, 52% of F500 companies have gone bankrupt, been acquired, or ceased to exist. Yet […]

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