“Prior to the 21st century, the path to garnering or generating publicity and media awareness for a product or service was laborious and cost-prohibitive for many. The encyclopedic volume Be the Media seeks to identify the plethora of millennial electronic media outlets available, and put them into the hands of entrepreneurs, self-publishers, and anyone outside the mainstream who is seeking media access. Persons who are unable to hire a music producer, publisher, or media professional may use this volume to navigate the new media environment. The book includes submissions from academics, writers, consultants, and syndicators.

The first part, “The Personal Media Renaissance,” is a how-to guide that helps readers navigate the world of radio, music, podcasting, videos, and film. Following this is “The Community Media Renaissance,” which reviews public access, social networks, open source, and community radio. Practitioners, students, and others who are not afraid of hard work will find these articles inspiring and informative.

Those who want to take ownership of their media message without depending on traditional outlets should read this book.

Summing Up: Recommended. Large public libraries and some academic collections; upper-level undergraduates and above and general readers.”

Anthony Todman
Associate Professor and Librarian
St John’s University

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