“With the advent of Labor Day, everyone settles in to make the most of the remainder of the year in terms of whatever business they’re in. There is no end to books on management and sales theories and, frankly, in a changing competitive environment, they are probably needed.
Since I have made my living in public relations after abandoning fulltime journalism decades ago, I will begin with a recommendation of Be the Media: How to Create and Accelerate Your Message…Your Way ($34.95) by David Mathison with more than sixty contributors. Why does it have a hefty price? Because it is 536 pages of some of the smartest, best advice that authors, filmmakers, musicians, cartoonists, bloggers, and other creative types will find, but they are not alone. Policy makers, community organizers, educators and, just about anyone with a horn to blow will discover the power of podcasting, how to create and self-syndicate a radio show, how to promote your video using the Internet There’s a whole section on how to use the Internet for E-commerce, advice on how to license your ideas, and on and on and on! Crammed into this book is the kind of know-how it would otherwise take you a very long time to learn. Excited? Its official release is May 2009. Meanwhile you can visit www.BeTheMedia.com.”

Al Caruba

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