Top 5 Skills Chief Digital Officers Need to Become CEOs and Board Directors, with Larry Kramer [VIDEO]


Robertson Barrett and Larry Kramer during a fireside chat at the NYC CDO Summit 2016

Why are Chief Digital Officers increasingly being tapped to become CEOs or board directors?

Just ask Larry Kramer, who serves on the boards of; Gannett Co. Inc.; Harvard Business School Publishing; and MDC Partners; and is a trustee of Syracuse University.

He was previously board director at American Media Inc,, and Discovery Communications.

He is also comfortable in the executive role, currently serving as interim CEO at And in his previous role as President and Publisher of USA Today, Kramer re-imagined the iconic newspaper as a digital first news organization.

Larry was also Chairman, CEO and founder of CBS Marketwatch, President of Digital Media at CBS, and Executive Editor of the San Francisco Examiner.

Which is why we had to sit Kramer down for a fireside chat at the 2016 NYC CDO Summit, presented by Centric Digital and hosted by Thomson Reuters on April 27, 2016.

He was interviewed by digital media veteran Robertson Barrett, currently President at Hearst Newspapers Digital.

Watch the entire chat below as Kramer reveals the top 5 skills Chief Digital Officers need to become CEO and board directors:

1. Sell Organization on Digital

CEOs today are rapidly beginning to understand the need for digital transformation and the role of the Chief Digital Officer. That’s why the focus of some CDOs has shifted from selling their CEO and board on digital, to selling their peers on the need for change.

“To the existing CEO, you’re one of those people they really need to trust, because they’re basically clueless about what you’re doing,” Kramer said.


Robertson Barrett, President at Hearst Newspapers Digital

“There’s a heavy trust there, but there’s a heavy burden there on you too…. You have to make an extraordinary effort to understand the problems of the rest of the management team in that company.”

When Kramer was president of Digital Media at CBS in 2005, he proposed that every game of the NCAA basketball tournament should be put online. Many in the company immediately protested that it was a bad idea.

Instead of going over their heads to the CEO, Kramer spent two weeks addressing every issue brought on by CBS’s management team until they were all satisfied.

“We respected the fact that they all had reasons,” he said. “You had to convince them that ‘you’re all part of the company, you’re not part of what it is you do.’”

Watch Kramer’s fireside chat, “What Skills CDOs Need to Become CEO and Board Directors,” held at the 2016 NYC CDO Summit, presented by Centric Digital and hosted by Thomson Reuters on April 27, 2016, below:

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