Ken Kragen to be Featured Speaker at Chief Digital Officer Summit (April 22-23 at Time Warner in NYC)

Ken Kragen To Be Featured Speaker at 2014 CDO Summit

Ken Kragen To Be Featured Speaker at 2014 CDO Summit

When he graduated from Harvard Business School, Ken Kragen saw his classmates go on to run megacorporations like IBM, Kodak, and Proctor & Gamble.

Yet he decided instead to manage a young, up-and-coming singing group. Within a year he’d taken that group to the number two selling act on RCA Records behind Elvis Presley.

We Are The World Group Photo

We Are The World Group Photo

Kragen has always taken risks and thought well outside the box. This has helped him create superstar careers for many of the world’s biggest entertainers, such as Lionel Richie, Kenny Rogers, Olivia Newton John, and the Bee Gees.

It also helped him to conceive and organize some of the largest and most successful humanitarian events in our nation’s history, including “We Are the World,” “Hands Across America,” “NetAid,” and parts of “LiveAid.”

On the evening of April 22nd, Ken Kragen will share his unique skills as a creative marketer and his unparalleled ability to accomplish the seemingly impossible with those attending the Chief Digital Officer Summit at Time Warner in New York.

His presentations are legendary, offering proven techniques that can be applied immediately to everything you do, while being spiced with fun and surprises.

Ken's Book "Life is a Contact Sport"

Ken’s Book “Life is a Contact Sport”

Kragen currently teaches a course called “Stardom Strategies” at UCLA’s famed Herb Alpert School of Music and does major consulting work for corporations and nonprofits.

His best-selling book, “Life Is Contact Sport,” is still available, and his concept of “The Magic of Threes” has become a widely used, incredibly effective sales and marketing tool. He’ll share that and much more with the Summit’s attendees.

Kragen is most proud of being one of the very few private citizens to have received the coveted United Nation’s Peace Medal. He has also been honored by the NAACP, the Los Angeles Advertising Women, and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

He’s received two MTV Awards, an American Music Award, and several Emmy nominations.

Ken Kragen With President Clinton

Ken Kragen With President Clinton

Included in Kragen’s impressive resume are hundreds of hours of highly successful film and television productions, ranging from the groundbreaking “Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour” to Kenny Roger’s five “Gambler” miniseries and, more recently, the wonderfully successful live-action, full-length feature film series, “The 12 Dogs of Christmas.”

CDO Summit curator David Mathison said, “Chief Digital Officers are often tasked with seemingly overwhelming challenges. Ken’s presentations show participants how to accomplish the impossible, and are legendary with surprises and proven techniques that can be applied immediately, to almost any endeavor.”

“Anyone who can get 6.5 million people to join hands in a human chain across America is someone we all should pay attention to,” continued Mathison.

Ken’s presentation will show Summit participants:
● Some of the marketing techniques that he used to get 6½ million people to hold hands in one continuous line from Battery Park in New York through 17 states to the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California.
● He’ll take us behind-the-scenes at the recording of “We Are The World,” and show us why Thorton Wilder was correct when he said “Every great thing balances on the razor edge of disaster.”
● He’ll also share with us a concept called “The Magic of Threes” that we can use immediately in our business and personal life to get people’s attention and sell them anything.

Don’t miss Ken’s presentation on “Accomplishing the Impossible” at the CDO Summit.

It promises to be a very special experience, and will send you away with real-world, tested concepts you will use for years to come.


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The CDO Summit is the “must-attend” digital event of the year. The 2013 and 2014 CDO Summits received stellar endorsements from dozens of speakers and attendees alike:

“Sometimes a conference comes along that hits the trifecta – hot topic, high-caliber attendees, and stellar location. The first Chief Digital Officer Summit reached that mark with ease, and I look forward to attending the next one.”

“The Chief Digital Officer Summit was outstanding. Why? Candid panels with top players in the digital community. Splendid break-time conversations. And, savvy facilitation, Mathison Style.”

“David, here’s a handy C^3 test for conference value: Did I learn at least three new perspectives? Check. Did I meet at least three interesting people? Check. Did I take back at least three relevant pieces of news I can use? Check. Flying colors for the Chief Digital Officer Summit 2013! Thank you so much, and yes, I’d be very pleased to participate next year!”

“Congratulations on an exceptional first CDO Summit. I truly enjoyed all the panel discussions as well as the intimate environment where I was able to meet such amazing people. The conversations were very enlightening and touched on all the challenges my team and I face on a technology, content, and culture front. I look forward to participating next year.”

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