Chief Data Officer Jobs for February 2015

Welcome back to our Chief Data Officer JOBS Update, through February 2015:

  • New Chief Data Officer placements (through February 2015): Congratulations to the new Chief Data Officers at the US Department of Energy, Lloyd’s of London, the Office of the Chief Technology Officer at the Government of the District of Columbia, and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, among others. Welcome to the CDO Club!
  • Chief Data Officers ‘In the News’: How did these Chief Data Officers make news in February: Todd Cullen, Kyle Evans, James Walker, Mohammad Sabah, and Mark Johnson. Find out inside.
  • Open Chief Data Officer Jobs: Inside, we’ve listed open posts for Chief Digital Officers, Chief Data Officers, and other C-level digital and data positions. Be sure to review the open posts on our dedicated career page, which lists dozens of open jobs.

You’ll find the details on all this and more below.

Also check out our previous CDO JOBS Updates here:

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The next NYC CDO Summit, presented by Capgemini and hosted at Thomson Reuters on April 29 2015, is less than 10 days away.

Our DATA Panel this year, “Finding a Needle in the Big Data Haystack,” will feature:

  • Jeffrey Hunter (moderator): Vice President, Insights & Data at Capgemini
  • Amen Mashariki: Chief Analytics Officer at NYC Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics
  • Christine Hung: Executive Director, Data Science & Engineering at The New York Times
  • Haile Owusu, PhD: Chief Data Scientist at Mashable
  • John Caldwell: SVP Market Development & Business Operations at Neustar
Feb Data 2015

Jeff Hunter, Amen Mashariki, Christine Hung, Haile Owusu, and John Caldwell

What an incredible group of Data Science experts!

And that’s just ONE panel.

Additional speakers include the following digital leaders and practitioners:

  • Steve Abrams: Distinguished Engineer and Director, Watson Life at IBM
  • Fernando Alvarez: Global Chief Digital Officer at Capgemini Consulting
  • Rajesh Anandan: Senior Vice President at UNICEF Ventures
  • Alexander van Boetzelaer: Managing Director, R&D Solutions at Elsevier
  • Ryan Bonifacino: Senior Vice President, Digital at Alex and Ani, LLC
  • Dr. Didier Bonnet: SVP and Global Practice Leader at Capgemini Consulting
  • John Caldwell: SVP Market Development & Business Operations at Neustar
  • Mike Ellis: Chief Executive Officer at ForgeRock
  • Jessica Federer: Chief Digital Officer at Bayer
  • Tony Fross: VP, Practice Lead, Digital Customer Experience at Capgemini Consulting
  • Eric Hellweg: MD, Digital Strategy and Editorial Director at Harvard Business Review
  • Christine Hung: Executive Director, Data Science & Engineering at The New York Times
  • Jeffrey Hunter: Vice President, North America, Insights & Data at Capgemini
  • Joe Johnston: VP, Experience Innovation at Universal Mind
  • Amen Mashariki: Chief Analytics Officer at NYC Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics
  • Faisal Masud: Chief Digital Officer & EVP Global E-Commerce at  Staples
  • David Mathison: Curator, CDO Summit; Founder, CDO Club
  • Jen McClure: Vice President, Digital & Social Media at Thomson Reuters
  • Johanna Murphy: Chief Marketing Officer and Digital Director at Ivanka Trump
  • Haile Owusu, PhD: Chief Data Scientist at Mashable
  • Jeremiah Owyang: Founder of Crowd Companies
  • Keyvan Peymani: Managing Director, Digital Strategy Division at ICM Partners
  • Jaime Punishill: Head of Cross Channel Customer Strategy at TIAA-CREF
  • Ralph Rivera: Director, Digital at BBC
  • Jim Rosenberg: Chief of Digital Strategy at UNICEF
  • Jonathan Sackett: President and CEO at MASHBURNSACKETT
  • Jo Ann Saitta: Chief Digital Officer at The CDM Group
  • Steven Schwartz: Global Managing Director, Reuters News Agency at Thomson Reuters
  • Sumita Singh: Senior Vice President Marketing, R&D Solutions at Elsevier
  • Sree Sreenivasan: Chief Digital Officer at Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • More

We are on track to selling out once again. There are few tickets left.

As you may recall from our 2013 event (and the photo), Thomson Reuters is a lovely facility, but seating is limited.

Don’t wait till the last minute to buy your ticket(s)!

Harriet Seittler, Katerina Markov, Laxmi Wordham, Rosemary Maggiore  at the CDO Summit 2013 at Thomson Reuters in NYC

Harriet Seitler (Harpo Studios/Oprah Winfrey Network), Katerina Markov (Atom Factory), Laxmi Wordham (Michael J Fox), and Rosemary Maggiore (Rachael Ray) at the CDO Summit 2013 at Thomson Reuters in NYC

✰ Go here now:

See you there.

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More on the inside for CDO Club members: .....

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