Chief DATA Officer JOBS Update for August 2019

latest-info-bannerWelcome back to our Chief Data Officer JOBS Update, through August 2019.

In this month’s issue, we listed new Chief DATA Officer appointments for August; we tracked over 61 articles and hand-picked TWENTY-ONE CDOs who made the news last month; and be sure to check out all the new open CDO positions on our CDO Career page.

Clearly, these are exciting times to be a leader in building a data-driven culture!

  • New Chief Data Officer placements (through August 2019): Congratulations to the new Chief Data Officers at the City and County of Denver; IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software; Vanderbilt University Data Science Institute; and Yext, among others. Welcome to the CDO Club!
  • Chief Data Officers ‘In the News’: We tracked over 61 ARTICLES and hand-picked more than TWENTY-ONE Chief Data Officers who made news in August, including Accenture’s Dr. Ganapathi Pulipaka; FICO’s Dr. Scott Zoldi; Poshmark’s Barkha Saxena; SkillsFuture SG’s Michael Fung; and U.S. Department of Defense’s Michael Conlin, among others. How did they make the news? Find out inside.
  • Open Chief Data Officer Jobs: Inside, you’ll find open posts for Chief Digital Officers, Chief Data Officers, and other C-level digital and data positions. Be sure to review the open posts on our dedicated career page.

You’ll find the details on all this and more below.​


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AWARDS (August 2019):


Ganapathi PulipakaGanapathi Pulipaka: August 14, 2019
Accenture Indian American Data Scientist Ganapathi Pulipaka Receives a Top 50 Technology Leader Award
Dr. Ganapathi Pulipaka: Chief Data Scientist | SAP Technical Lead at Accenture
Barkha SaxenaBarkha Saxena: August 5, 2019
CommerceNexty Announces 2019 Winners for Retail and E-Commerce Industry
Barkha Saxena, Chief Data Officer at Poshmark was named mBolden’s Women Retail Innovator Award. This award recognizes women in retail who have either brought innovation into the retail space or have led the transformation of a retail business in how they reach and connect with customers.
Dr. Scott ZoldiDr. Scott Zoldi: August 5, 2019
FICO’s Dr. Scott Zoldi Reaches a Data Science Milestone with 100th Software Patent Application
Dr. Scott Zoldi, chief analytics officer at analytic software firm FICO, has reached a data science milestone with the filing of FICO’s 100th software patent application listing him as an inventor.
Ashok NairAshok Nair: August 2, 2019
Top Australian analytics leaders recognised
The Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA), the body for analytics professionals in Australia, announced those at the top of analytics leadership in Australia as part of the IAPA 2019 Top 25 Analytics Leaders program.
3. Ashok Nair, chief data and analytics officer, QBE
Tony OhlssonTony Ohlsson: August 2, 2019
Top Australian analytics leaders recognised
The Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA), the body for analytics professionals in Australia, announced those at the top of analytics leadership in Australia as part of the IAPA 2019 Top 25 Analytics Leaders program.
4. Tony Ohlsson, chief analytics officer, Volt Bank


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