Chief Data Officer/Chief Analytics Officer JOBS Update for November 2020


Welcome back to our Chief Data Officer/Chief Analytics Officer JOBS Update through November 2020!

In this issue, we list EIGHT new CDO/CDAO appointments for November; we tracked 52 CDO ARTICLES; and hand-picked SIXTEEN CDO/CDAOs who made the news in November; and we posted more new open global CDO positions on our CDO Career page!

  • New Chief Data Officer/Chief Analytics Officer placements (through November 2020): EIGHT new CDO/CDAOs were hired in November, we provide the highlights below. Congratulations to the new Chief Data Officers/Chief Analytics Officers at axialHealthcare, CMI Media, Discover Financial Services, Global Risk Partners Limited (GRP), Nationwide, and more! Welcome to the CDO Club!
  • Chief Data Officer/Chief Analytics Officer ‘In the News’: Consider us your personal CDO “news clippings” service. We tracked 52 CDO ARTICLES and hand-picked NINETEEN CDO/CDAOs who made the news in November, including Army Talent Management Task Force’s Kristin Saling, Community Health Network’s Patrick McGill, MD, H&M group’s Arti Zeighami, IAG’s Bora Arslan, and Microsoft’s John Kahan! How did they make news? Find out inside.
  • Open Chief Data Officer/Chief Analytics Officer Jobs: Our career page lists over two dozen current CDO/CAO jobs. You’ll find open posts for Chief Digital Officers, Chief Data Officers, Chief Analytics Officers, and other C-level positions. Be sure to review the open posts on our dedicated career page.

You’ll find the details on all this and more below.​

Vote for the 2020 US “CDO/CAO of the Year” Award Winners!

We need your help: vote for your peers! Send your vote to:

The CDO Club is excited to announce open voting for these two US awards:

  • 2020 US Chief Digital Officer of the Year: 2020 was a year unlike any other. Chief Digital Officers were called on to perform herculean tasks, and goals that were previously “nice to haves’ on the last pages of the digital blueprint were fully implemented – things like work from home, tele-health, remote education, “last mile” delivery of everything from groceries to meals and medicine.CDOs were not only challenged by the pandemic, but the US also faced civil unrest, and then an attack on democracy itself. Given all this, its a challenge to choose the US Chief Digital Officer of the Year for 2020. So we’re hoping YOU can help us identify a worthy candidate. 
  • 2020 US Chief Analytics Officer of the Year: This is the first time the CDO Club is giving out this new annual award, so we want to get it right. 2020 was a challenging year for US analytics professionals, given that the data from 2019 could no longer be used to predict the future. And now the data from 2020 is so skewed that its a challenge to make predictive models into 2021!In addition there seemed to be a war on analysis, with people looking at the same set of data and coming to entirely different conclusions. We don’t need to look too far for examples: the US Presidential election in November resulted in 70+ million people believing that one candidate won, and 70+ million people feeling that the other candidate won.Given that this is our first-ever CAO award, we want to get it right. For guidance, I look back on our first ever Chief Digital Officer of the Year award winner in 2013 – Teddy Goff – who as Digital Director for Obama for America arguably helped elect the President of the USA. And our first-ever Chief Data Officer of the Year award winner in 2016 – DJ Patil – who won for his work as the first-ever Chief Data Scientist at the White House Office of Science and Technology. It is important that this first award, given in a tumultuous year, stands the test of time. So again, we are looking to YOU and our CDO community to help identify a worthy candidate.

Some criteria for successful nominees include:

  • A successful track record in implementing digital transformation, analytics, and/or data-driven culture at their organization;
  • Regularly deliver key products, apps, services, analytics, or platforms that increase digital revenues, decrease costs, enhance employee loyalty and retention, or improve customer service;
  • Use data, insights, and analytics to maximize profitability, reach, and engagement, and to gain a holistic view of the customer to improve the customer journey;
  • Play a critical role in evolving their company or brand from analog to digital;
  • Have longevity in their position;
  • Is collegial with peers, collaborative across the C-suite, and a mentor to staff;
  • Serves as NED/Board Director for other companies or organizations.

As in previous years, the candidate’s role, activities, and responsibilities are more important than their actual title (“CDO”).

Send your vote to:

Previous CDO of the Year award-winners dating back to 2013 are posted here for both digital and data.



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